Following the start, we need to head over to the crash site near the Crown Blades Factory to the north marked by the objective marker. You’ll be able to identify it as a tipped over van with orange liquid spread out on the ground below it and OD drinking it.

Once you reach the crash site, you need to look out for Vat Parts . One should be near the spill, whilst a further four can be found along the train tracks leading to the right of the crash area. Collect these and continue to grind along the rails, using your melee attacks to clear the path through the OD swarm until you reach the next objective marker.

You’ll eventually come across a second crashed van along the rails. Approach it for a scene – this will introduce us to the Poppers, a type of enemy that will explode when shot. Clear out the Popper before it reaches you and then loot the crash site for more Vat Parts .

Find the Vat parts at the first crash site (left). Continue along the train tracks and loot a second crash site for more Vat Parts (right).

Again, the first part will be right at the crash, with the remaining four located on the street leading up the hill to the right. Be careful though as if you go too far up the hill, a large group of Poppers will attempt to swarm you!

Once you have grabbed all of the Vat Parts , grind, jump and wall run your way back to the Brewery and talk with Floyd to complete the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 1,000 N/A
1,000 x Overcharge

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