Part 1: Find the Medicine

After starting the mission, you’ll want to make your way over to the Fizzco Pharmaceutical Shipyard to the south which is highlighted for you with an objective marker. There are three Fizzco Pharmaceutical trucks parked around the area. Approach one of these and attempt to open it for a scene.

You’ll now be introduced to a new class of Fizzco security enemy – the Bomb Bot. These guys are heavier than the standard Fizzco Rifle Bots, but behave in a similar fashion. They will jump up onto higher vantage points and shoot at you with either grenade rounds which they will shoot around you (watch for the red circles!) or a concentrated, blue death laser of sorts. To make things a little easier on yourself, equip Amps that will add lightning to attacks such as Stun Rounds and Chance of Lightning.

Attempt to loot a truck (left) to meet a new enemy - the Bomb Bot (right).

To proceed, we’re going to have to clear the area of Fizzco Security forces and now that you have met the Bomb Bots, you are going to have to fight off several of them. Fortunately the first few will come one at a time. Afterwards, you’ll have to take on 2-3 of them at once and just to make things a little trickier; some Rifle Bots will also show up towards the end of the fight.

Once the area is clear, loot all three trucks to find the medicine.

Part 2: Return with the Medicine

After a short conversation, your objectives will be updated. Make your way over to the Leech Pond Park nearby. Following the story scene, you’ll need to jump into the nearby pond and run through the splashing areas to have leeches attach themselves to you. If you run out of leeches in the first pond, there is another nearby where you can find some more.

There is a Leeches meter on the left side of the screen which will fill as you collect them. Once the meter fills all the way up, another scene will play.

Follow your friend down the street until things start to get a little fuzzy. Afterwards, you’ll bump into Fizzie again and will be tasked with following him around the place. Note that he will have an objective marker on him at all times so that you can track him down even when he is in the distance.

After getting all leeched up, follow your friend untl things get a little trippy (right).

After a short while, Fizzie will turn the ground into lava, so keep to the rooftops and grind and bounce as much as possible whilst you work your way between the various locations to avoid falling in. The lava means instant death and as such if you fall in you’ll be put back to the previous checkpoint.

This chase sequence is fairly long, but easy enough. About half way through he will start summoning skeletons to attack you as well. They are fairly weak and a melee attack should deal with them, but as long as you keep moving, you shouldn’t have to deal with too many of them. Eventually you will reach a rooftop resembling the Fargathia base and there is a weapon here for you to pick up. Do so, and then turn around for a short boss fight.

Part 3: Boss Fight – Trippy Fizzie

This is not much of a boss fight, but I’m calling it one anyway. The Fizzie you see before you will split up into several clones of himself and each clone has the ability to shoot rockets at you. We need to shoot the Fizzies whilst looking out for incoming rockets and dodging to avoid the splash damage… And that’s pretty much it. Easy!

Fizzie will split into numerous clones (left). Destroy as many as you can whilst dodging the rockets they shoot (right).

Keep destroying the Fizzie clones until a scene plays. This will end the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 10,000 N/A
7,000 x Overcharge

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