This mission is essentially one long escort level. From the get go we have a flagship, which we need to protect for the entirety of the sequence. There is a hell of a lot of enemy activity in this level and there is no way to kill all the enemies and get through this level without the ship taking damage in some form. Fortunately, on the deck of the ship is a ‘mouth’ into which we can throw flaming pieces of green garbage to replenish its health. These green garbage pieces are found all over the place, so if you do run into trouble, there will usually be one nearby.

To start the sequence, we’ll need to go and grab one of the aforementioned pieces of garbage and throw it into the ship. To begin with, we’re mostly going to be seeing a large number of Blowers shooting their green gunk at the flagship. Kill as many as you can but make finding and returning garbage to the ship your priority. There is a pair of garbage pieces along the bank to the left, another on the first bridge the boat goes beneath and then on either side of the corner it turns.

Constantly fetch garbage (left) to keep the ships health up. When you see switches appear (right), destroy them as quickly as possible before returning to the ship.

After turning the first corner, an objective marker will pop up in the distance. This is a switch that we need to destroy in order to raise a bridge so that the boat can pass through. Make haste to the switch, then grab the piece of garbage next to it and return to the flagship to top its health up.

As the ship moves forward, continue to grab garbage from nearby and feed it to the ship. Before long though, you’ll see a pair of objective markers up ahead. Again, these represent switches that we need to destroy to raise another bridge ahead. Quickly make your way forward to destroy both of them and then head back to the ship as fast as you can with some garbage to keep its health from dwindling too low.

After passing under the now open bridge, there are several pieces of garbage along the dock to the right if required.

Soon after passing the bridge however, a scene will play and you’ll encounter a new type of OD enemy – the Winger. Wingers are flying enemies that can move around fairly quickly, making them quite adept at avoiding your attacks and slower projectiles. They are similar to the Fizzco Bomb Bots in that they have a smaller, broad range grenade-type attack and a concentrated laser beam attack, both of which can cause a great deal of damage. As per the usual OD tactic – use your fire-related amps to cause additional damage!

Following the scene, we need to kill two of these Wingers, and do it as quickly as possible as their laser beams can cause significant damage to the boat. You can kill them using the boat itself as cover if you wish as there are plenty of pieces of garbage around both on the docks and on the island in the centre of the area in case you need them. Once they are dead, the flagship will start moving again, back in the direction that we came from.

Kill the pair of Wingers (left) and then brace for more Blower fire (right) as the ship changes route.

Once more, it will head through a gauntlet of Blower fire and again, you are going to have to continuously collect and return garbage to keep its health from falling too low. There are several pieces of garbage in the park to the left side of the canal and more on the rooftops to the right if you require it. Another pair of Wingers will show up as you approach the next turn in the canal. Take them down as quickly as possible.

Upon rounding the corner, a pair of switches will be marked for you in the distance. As with the previous two sets, these will open a drawbridge to allow the flagship through. The same tactic applies here – quickly run over to destroy the switches and then grab some garbage and return as quickly as possible to the flagship to keep its health up.

Are you sick of this level yet? Well the good news is that we are on the final stretch. The bad news is that the final stretch is filled with the same abundance of Blowers that you will have grown accustomed to by now, but they will also have a Herker or two throwing rocks at you as back up. Try to kill as many enemies as you can, but again make fetching garbage and feeding the ship your priority.

On the final stretch, look out for Herkers (left) and additional Wingers (right) which you should take down if possible to mitigate damage to the ship.

As you approach the final bridge, take down the three Wingers that appear quickly and then spend the rest of your time trying to kill the pair of Herkers (one to the left, one on the bridge) between trips out to fetch garbage for the ship.

Once you go under the bridge, you are pretty much done, so unless your ship is on the brink of utter destruction, sit back and let the game carry you to safety.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 30,000 N/A
10,000 x Overcharge
Clothing: Mop Beard


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