The Concert Venue acts as our base in the Downtown district, and yeah – you guessed right, this is yet another (and fortunately, the last) base defence mission. This one will play out in a similar fashion to each of the previous defence missions, however it is much tougher. The game will have you protecting fuse boxes this time and there are three of them placed across the area. Again we need to keep them safe from against a massive number of OD. This time around we have some additional traps to play with (Tesla Trap, Pandora’s Box etc.) and a bit more energy to utilise for traps.

There is one fuse box located below Floyd’s location and another two further into the courtyard below. This defence sequence has a very large number of areas where enemies can enter the area, almost too many to trap. I’ve found that it is very difficult to keep all three fuse boxes safe, but by planting a few traps to slow enemies down around the outlying fuse boxes and then focusing the majority of your traps and your defensive presence on the single fuse box closest to Floyd is much, much easier. Sure you will lose two fuse boxes in the process but you only need one to be left at the end to complete the defence successfully.

Plant your traps to slow enemy progress and keep those precious barricades in-tact as long as possible!

As with the previous defence, you’ll want to place traps on the way to your barricades to slow enemy progress and others outside of the barricades so that they can have maximum impact when enemies bunch up. Remember that the Pyro Geyser, Tesla Traps and Senor Freeze traps require you to jump on the button at their centre to activate and the Grind Cooker trap requires grinding rails, so place these in easily accessible areas! When you have placed your traps, head up and speak with King Buzzo when you are ready to begin!

The first wave of enemies during this defence will last for two minutes and consists of a horde of regular OD, with several Blowers and the occasional Popper making an appearance. As with the previous defence missions, you need to destroy the Poppers ASAP to mitigate damage they can cause to barricades and traps. Focus on keeping the enemies away from the barricades as much as possible, whilst moving between the fuse boxes.

You can attempt to stall enemies (left) and defend all three fuse boxes, but your best bet is to pick a single fuse box and defend it (right).

Once the concert starts, we’ll have to defend the area for another two minutes. At this point, you’ll want to fall back to the single fuse box that you have chosen to defend and hold on for dear life. If you have any energy left, now is a good time to reinforce the area with additional traps. Again, we’ll be dealing with a ridiculous number of regular OD and some Blowers. The bad news is that a Herker or two and some Muggers are liable to show up around this time as well to make things much harder than they need to be. Focus on keeping the Herker occupied, kiting him around the area whilst trying to prevent too many enemies from attacking the barricades and damaging the fuse box.

Once the time limit is up, the OD in the area will be all wiped out and at this point, the mission will be complete.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Challenger Appears

Complete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating.

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Reward/s: Unlock/s:
Amp: Grind the Lightning Challenge: Bomb Delivery #8
Amp: Fear the Reaper Challenge: Night Defence - Downtown
Amp: Un-defibrillator

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