The points challenges are quite tricky and involve collecting vast quantities of floating numerical values which are added to our score. Just like the smash challenges, to earn a gold medal, you must collect every single number in the challenge area. Of course, there is a time limit, so finding a fast route through all of the numbers and using grinds and other manoeuvres efficiently is a must.

Below youll find a list of the challenges in the game and some short hints and tips as to how to approach each challenge so that you can plan your routes more effectively.

Points Challenge #1

The first challenge is a little tough and requires a significant amount of grinding. It takes place over two levels of scaffolding at the construction site and then some objects hanging from cranes above the top level.

The key to the challenge is to work your way through each of the levels of scaffolding meticulously, ensuring that you leave no numbers unaccounted for before bouncing up to the next before finally going for the high up objects at the top. You’re unlikely to be able to knock this gold over on the first try, so use your first few attempts to familiarise yourself with the location.

As most of your time will be spent grinding scaffolding, try to figure out an efficient route through both levels whilst grabbing all the numbers.

Start the challenge here (left). Work your way up the various girders and bounceables to reach the 5s at the top (right).

Medal Score Reward/s
Bronze 300 $ 250
Silver 400 $ 1,000
Gold 515 1,000 x Overcharge
Clothing: Safari Crocs

Points Challenge #2

This challenge is difficult to complete within the timeframe given, but is not impossible. For efficiency’s sake, you can break down the paths through the numbers into three stages.

First you want to bounce up to the wire encircling the main challenge area and grind and undergrind your way all the way around grabbing all the numbers as you go.

Next, go to either the left or the right side of the area and hop up to one of the sets of lamp posts in the centre, swing across the series from one fence to the other, then jump to the second set of lamp posts and swing your way all the way back again.

Finally hop down to the cars in the car park below and bounce between them, following the trails of numbers to accumulate them as you work your way around the area.

Once you get those three elements down, it is a fairly easy challenge to grab the gold on. It’s just a matter of executing each of the sections well and without having too many mess ups in the run.

Start the challenge here (left). Well need to grind, pole swing and bounce to collect every number (right).

Medal Score Reward/s
Bronze 350 $ 250
Silver 450 $ 1,000
Gold 611 1,000 x Overcharge
Clothing: Safari Shorts

Points Challenge #3

The third challenge is can be tricky as there is no real obvious set route in place for you to take and the numbers have been haphazardly tossed around the challenge area. As such, we’ll have to make our own!

To begin with, you’ll want to grind around the planters in the immediate area, before heading down the alley to the right of the ‘Around the World in 80 Seconds’ sign and grinding pout the numbers here.

At the end, jump down to the railing on the stairs with numbers below. At the top of the stairs, grind through all of the planters here and jump to the shade sails overlooking the area here and bounce between them to grab all the numbers.

Grind both sides of the stairs leading to the first area and hop onto the information booth. Air dash your way over to the wire above. From here, jump down to the second floor balcony lined with numbers. Grind it all the way around and perform a wall run, with a corner turn in order to snag the final numbers.

This route, when used efficiently is quite good and after a few tries I was able to earn a gold medal with around 23 seconds remaining on the clock.

Start the challenge here (left). The points are more spread out in this one (right) and well need to explore to find all of the numbers.

Medal Score Reward/s
Bronze 200 $ 400
Silver 280 $ 1,500
Gold 315 2,000 x Overcharge
Clothing: Safari Bandolier

Points Challenge #4

Points Challenge #4 is actually one of the easiest of the points challenges as the route through the level is very straight forward. Essentially we’ll be heading down the pier can back three times and collecting a different set of numbers on each run.

The first run down and back we’ll be grinding the outside railings and hopping between grind spots along the water’s edge. The second trip and back will be spent grinding the same rails to begin with, but then hopping up to the row of street lamps and swinging across them the entire length of the pier. The final trip up and back is spent doing much the same thing, but down the middle of the pier.

Note that there are additional points around the circular gardens at either end and these can be picked up at any time during your trips up and back (although the sooner the better!).

Working on nailing your efficiency at completing the three trips up and back will earn you the gold medal in no time.

Start the challenge here (left). Well be doing mostly pole swinging and grinding in this one (right).

Medal Score Reward/s
Bronze 300 $ 400
Silver 500 $ 1,500
Gold 540 3,000 x Overcharge
Clothing: Safari Hat

Points Challenge #5

This challenge might hold the record for single most frustrating challenge in the entire game. You see the game gives you a fairly good and straightforward path to follow in order to collect all of the numbers, but unless you are a pro at wall running (I’m definitely not), you can find yourself messing up continuously.

We’ll start by jumping to the shad sail on the right at the base of the wall, bouncing up to grab the numbers above, then as you drop, wait until you are in line with the numbers leading to the left and wall run. Upon reaching the end of the numbers, quickly jump up to the next shade sail and repeat the process heading back to the right. Keep going until you reach the top.

Once you reach the row of 5’s at the top, you’ll need to wall run to gather them all and when you reach the end of the row, drop off wall run so that you fall down the column of 5’s. Once you have collected the first column you then need to quickly bounce your way all the way back up to the top and do the same thing with the remaining column of 5’s.

You are likely to get plenty of wall running practice out of this challenge, and although incredibly frustrating, it is not impossible. Just work on timing the wall runs with your bounces and once you get the hang of it, the challenge will seem much less daunting.

Start the challenge here (left). As you can see, this challenge is all about the wallrunning (right).

Medal Score Reward/s
Bronze 400 $ 1,000
Silver 550 $ 4,000
Gold 642 4,000 x Overcharge
Clothing: Safari Shirt

Points Challenge #6

As with the third points challenge, this one is very tricky as there is an abundance of numbers and no real obvious set route in place for you to take a. As such, we’ll have to make our own!

From the start jump down and air dash to the left and you want to land on the parasol on the deck here. Super bounce off this parasol to the next parasol and then perform another bounce to reach a third at the far end of the deck. Now grind back along the ledge packed with numbers to the first parasol. Jump up to the higher deck above.

Grind the ledge to the right and at the end hop up and undergrind the wire above to grab all the numbers. Hop down and try to grind the ledge to the left of the parasols on the walkway below. Turn around at the end and grind the other railing back to the wall below the wire we came from.

At this point, hop onto the shade sail and then bounce across the next couple and then up into the trees until you reach the end of the bounce path. Jump down and grind the entire ledge to pick up all the 1’s and then reverse and grind onto the wire attached to the ledge.

Follow the path along the wire transitioning between grinding and undergrinding as necessary. You’ll go along another ledge before returning to a second wire where you’ll need to undergrind in a few places as well. When you hit the wire intersection, hold to the right to keep moving.

At the end of the wire jump to the vent ahead and bounce directly up to grab the numbers above. Finally, jump to the last nearby wire and grind/undergrind your way to the final numbers. If you managed to make it this far, you should earn the gold!

It sounds complex, and it is. It took quite a while to come up with a route that was able to snag all of the numbers on offer for the gold medal and after running this one a few times, I can now finish with around 15 seconds left on the clock.

Start the challenge here (left). As the points are spread out, youll have to discover an efficient route to colect them all (right).

Medal Score Reward/s
Bronze 350 $ 500
Silver 475 $ 2,000
Gold 642 4,000 x Overcharge
Clothing: Lennon Glasses


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