Part 1: Gaining Experience

You’ll be able to attempt this side-quest after completing the main story mission ‘A Hero’s Duty’. It can be initiated by heading to the Fargathia base and speaking with Ignatius. He’ll ask you to complete a series of tasks.

The first thing we need to do is a rescue mission. Make your way over to the objective marker on the waterfront to the east and speak with the Fargathian here. As soon as you talk with him a contingent of OD will show up. You’re going to see several Muggers and Gunkers, which constitute the major threats and they come backed up by a large crowd of regular OD. Use your best fire Amps to give you a bit of an edge and keep moving until the Muggers and Gunkers are all pushing up daisies. Once you have cleared the area of hostiles, return to the fellow on the beach and speak with him.

Defend yourself from the OD at the waterfront (left) and then speak with the Fargathian nearby (right).

After a short phone conversation, our objectives will update. We now need to head Downtown to visit a jewellery shop. Approach the objective marker and interact with the door. A short scene will play and a regular OD will appear and run off with the item we require. Chase him down and kill him to retrieve it… Just watch out and try not to get bogged down by the swarm of OD he runs through! Once you have looted the ring, exit the blue mission area.

For the third part of our quest, we need to go to the Oxford’s base and speak with Margaret to borrow Boo-Boo. After the scene, we’ll have access to that super-overpowered Kitty Cannon once again. Remember that it has a short cool down, but unlimited ammo and as such, you can basically spam the Kitty Cannon and kill huge swarms of anything without breaking a sweat. Exit the base and kill all the Fizzco bots (Blade Bots, Rifle Bots and Bomb Bots a plenty!) that appear in the courtyard and the surrounding streets using the super weapon.

Speak with Margaret at the Oxford base (left) and use Boo-Boo to clear out the Fizzco Bots outside (right).

Once the area is clear, a short scene will ensue. Afterwards we need to return to Fargathia once again and speak with Ignatius. The scene here will set you up for the next portion of the mission – a defence sequence.

Part 2: Defence

Now we need to do a short area defence sequence nearby. Once you reach the area, you’ll be required to lay out some traps, a new type of trap in fact – the Siegfried the Great Trap. The OD will enter the area from two main locations, from the bridges on the western side of the area and from the bridges on the eastern side of the area. It is a good idea to place a Siegfried the Great Trap close to each of the bridges from where the enemies are likely to come for now and then place any additional traps wherever you feel necessary.

Plant traps around the bridges on either side of the area (left) and then defend yourself agains the OD that get through them (right).

The defence sequence will begin as soon as you plant your final trap and to begin with, the enemies will enter from the western side. As is the case with most defence missions, we’ll face mainly regular OD, however this wave also features a Spawner whom you will want to kill as soon as possible and several Poppers. Clearing all of the OD out will see a second wave spawn from the East.

The second wave features similar numbers of regular OD to the first wave, but includes a pair of Muggers and some Blowers. A third wave will show up from the West mid-way through clearing out the second featuring even more regular OD and some additional Muggers. You’ll want to continue to kill these guys until a scene plays.

Continue to kill OD (left) until the Tank Bot shows up (right), then kill him to end the mission!

That’s right, a Tank Bot and group of Blade Bots just joined the battle. Whilst there are still a ridiculous number of enemies about, the Tank Bot is the real target – if we can kill it we can end the mission. As such, if possible it is best to shoot at the Tank Bot as soon as it appears to get its attention and kite it around the mission area, allowing the Blade Bots and OD to thin each other’s numbers out. Once the Tank Bot falls, a scene will play to end the mission.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Roleplay While Roleplaying

Reach Level 99 in Ignatius' epic RPG campaign.

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Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 4,500 N/A
8,000 x Overcharge
Trap: Siegfried the Great Trap


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