This mission is initiated by speaking with Hardcore (totally a Hodor from Game of Thrones reference) at the Fargathia base in the Harbour District. After the initial scene, grab the foam sword from the wall nearby and then follow Hardcore outside.

Once the blue area appears on the mini-map a ‘Hardcore Lvl 1’ meter will appear on the left side of the screen. We need to max this out by destroying or damaging various bits and pieces of scenery in the vicinity. We can destroy crates, pots, the table/chair set ups, fire hydrants, post boxes and the cars in the nearby car park. After satisfying Hardcore, he will run off, so keep after him.

Hardcore will next be located on the nearby basketball court. Head in and interact with the rack next to him to pick up a crossbow. After a brief scene a ‘Hardcore Lvl 2’ meter will appear. Again we need to fill this to continue. Shoot the incoming barrels that are fired from the catapults, as well as anything else you can see between. Other objects we can shoot down include groups of birds, Fizzco Drones and even UFOs. The more that the meter fills up, the more hectic and fast paced the shooting becomes. Our priority is always the catapult fire as this can actually damage us, but shooting everything else you see in between will have the meter maxed out in no time!

For the first part, smash things with the sword (left). For the second, shoot down cannon fire and other objects with the crossbow (right).

After completing the crossbow section, follow Hardcore once more. When he stops, interact with the armour to put it on. We’ll now fight Hardcore one-on-one. Eventually you’ll hear your character say something along the lines of “fighting each other is pointless, we’re not hurting each other”. When you hear this, run to the bowsers in the nearby petrol station and melee them until they explode.

This will end the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 4,500 N/A
8,000 x Overcharge
Trap: Siegfried the Great Trap

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