Part 1: Museum Defence

After starting the quest, head over to the objective marker nearby at the museum. After chatting with your friend here, we are going to have to defend the area against several waves of Fizzco security forces. As such, take a moment to equip your best electrical Amps/weapons and get ready for battle. Note that there are also multiple electrical barrels (really? Electrical barrels…) around the area which can be thrown to damage enemies.

Defend the museum against the Fizzco Bots (left). Use the wires for a vantage point over the battlefield (right), but keep an eye out for enemy fire.

The waves play out as such:

  • The first encounter includes eight Fizzco Rifle Bots. As per the norm, keep moving to avoid their bursts of fire and use explosives and electricity to take them down as soon as possible.
  • Another 8 Fizzco Robots! This time there are 6 Blade Bots that we need to kill, however there will also be a pair of Rifle Bots running around as well to make things a little trickier. Try to deal with the Blade Bots first before focusing on the Rifle Bots.
  • The third enemy encounter has 5 Bomb Bots and several back up Rifle Bots to dispatch. This time, you’ll want to kill the enemies as you see them.
  • Once you have defeated all three waves, you will have completed the defence and your objectives will update. Head over to the next objective marker at the Oxford’s Base.

    Part 2: Pizzeria Defence

    As you arrive at the objective marker you will find that the Oxford’s Base is under attack by Fizzco Rifle Bots. Fortunately, there are several Tesla Traps planted in the courtyard and street outside of the building that are particularly effective against robots. As such, use a combination of electrical Amps and the traps to help defeat the enemies here.

    As with the museum, after clearing out the attackers and a short scene, we are going to have to defend the area against several waves of Fizzco security forces. The waves play out as such:

  • This entire wave consists of 13 Blade Bots that we need to kill to progress; fortunately the Tesla Traps out on the street are effective at stunning them. So be sure to use them to your advantage to end the wave quickly.
  • The second wave includes 6 Fizzco Rifle Bots that need to be killed to advance. As per the norm, keep moving to avoid their bursts of fire and use the Tesla Traps, explosives and electricity to take them down as soon as possible. Occasionally a Blade Bot or two will appear during this wave as well.
  • The third enemy encounter has 4 Bomb Bots who will bounce back and forth on the rooftops across the street. We need to kill all four to complete the wave. Try to lure them to the ground so that you can Tesla Trap them if possible, but if not, pick them off from a distance from cover. Note that several Blade Bots will also spawn during this wave.
  • After the third wave, a short scene will play introducing us to a new type of enemy – the Fizzco tank Bot. The tank bot is a giant robot that can soak up a huge amount of damage before dying. It has a machine gun on its arm reminiscent of the Rifle Bots, it has a death laser and sticky grenade attack like the Bomb Bots and it has a huge leaping attack like the Blade Bots. It really is a beast. Electricity, as always is the way to go with the Tank Bots, and using traps and environmental hazards will help out a lot too.

    Utilise the Tesla Traps to stun groups of Fizzco Bots (left). When the tank Bot appears (right), take him down to end the mission.

    Unfortunately, the Tank Bot is not alone as he’ll be accompanied by a group of Blade Bots as well. As such, try to take out the melee attackers first before focusing on the big guy. Whilst fighting the Tank bot, you should kite him in a circle through the courtyard and along the street, attempting to hit him with each of the tesla Traps along the way. Continue to hit him with everything that you’ve got ammo-wise as you go and you should take him out in no time!

    Once the Tank Bot falls, run over and speak with Sam for a scene to end the mission.

    Trophy/Achievement Icon

    Save Everyone

    Save Sunset City from Fizzco's second-most powerful robot.

    Trophy icon
    Reward/s: Unlock/s:
    $ 30,000 Fast Travel: Downtown
    10,000 x Overcharge Challenge: Bomb Delivery #6
    Challenge: Bomb Delivery #7
    Challenge: Traversal Challenge #13
    Challenge: Buck Ep 4 - Buck Stops Here
    Challenge: Weapon - Murderang

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