Part 1: Preparations

After speaking with Walter to begin the mission, you’ll need to go and collect the Glide Wheel from a group of Scabs nearby. Fortunately, when you arrive at the objective marker you’ll see it is just sitting in the centre of a stage area. Simply run up and grab the item, whilst killing any Scabs that get in your way. Return to Walter.

As you reach Walter’s location, you’ll find that the launch site is under Scab attack. Defend the area, before using your mini-map to track down and kill any remaining Scabs. When you are done, the objective marker will update for you, so return to the glider.

Grab the Flywheel (left) from the Scabs nearby. Return to the glider and defend the area (right).

A scene will play and you’ll be introduced to a new enemy – the Fizzco Rifle Bots. For the moment, these enemies are quite tough as they are heavily armoured and have automatic weapons that can kill you very quickly. For the moment, you need to keep moving whilst facing them so that you can avoid their weapon fire, but when you get Amps a little later on that give electric damage to weapons, you’ll want to equip those when fighting them!

Defend yourself from the initial attack and then use your map to hunt down and clear out the remaining rifle bots to continue. Interact with the glider to start the next section.

Part 2: Fly the Glider

We’ll now be flying the glider over the city and the plan is to fly over to the Brewery, marked with the objective icon. As you go, use the opportunity to get used to the controls. Note that the power meter on the left of the screen will slowly drain and we can fill this up by flying through steam and smoke columns. We can also shoot green balloons around the area to replenish our health. If either the health or the power level drops to zero, the glider will be destroyed and you’ll have to go again.

Defend the area against the Fizzco Bots (left) and then fly the Glider when able to do so (right).

As you approach the marker, a scene will play and our objectives will get updated. We now need to pursue the Fizzco airship. Follow after it, whilst trying to avoid the incoming fire from Fizzco rifle bots on the rooftops below and remembering to fly through steam and shoot balloons where necessary.

After a short time, the blimp will also start dropping floating mines in your path as well – just another thing to keep your mind on whilst dodging robot rifle fire and keeping the glider afloat! Try to shoot mines close together so that you can destroy several at once and fly as far as possible from those you miss so that they do not home in on you as you go. You can only take a hit from one or two mines before your glider is destroyed, so ensure you keep an eye out for green balloons if you get hit!

Chase the blimp and destroy or dodge the mines it releases (left). When the blimps shield goes down, destroy it (right).

Eventually, after a few minutes of mine dodging, the airship’s shield will disappear. Use this opportunity to shoot it with your missiles (whilst still shooting mines as necessary of course!) and when it has taken enough damage it will be destroyed.

Now head for the objective marker in the distance and fly into the large plume of steam behind the power station. As you hit it, a scene will play to end the mission.

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Plan B

Complete the story mission 'Up in the Air'.

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Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 2,500 Challenge: Weapon - The Dude
4,000 x Overcharge Challenge: Glider Challenge #1
Trap: Pyro Geyser Challenge: Night Defence - Old Factory District


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