Part 1: Collect Evidence

We’ll start the mission in the Oxford’s Base and once the starting cut-scene has run its course, head outside and then make your way over to the hot dog factory nearby which is marked by the main mission icon. Once you arrive a scene will play.

Time for another new enemy and this time it’s the Scab Tosser (snicker). Tossers are equipped with a weapon that will fire off 5-6 proximity mines. Not only will they damage you if they touch you, but they will also stay on the ground for a short time afterwards and will explode if you go to close to them.

There are a few Tossers in the immediate area, so be careful. In the hot dog factory area we’ll need to track down and find three pieces of evidence. The first piece, a sword, can be found just behind a delivery truck with an open door to the left of our initial location. If you follow the main building around to the right, you’ll find the second piece of evidence, a hat in front of a door on the south corner of the building. The final piece of evidence, a bugle, can be found beside a smaller building behind the main building.

Collect the pieces of evidence hidden around the building.

Once you have all three pieces of evidence, try to enter any of the doors around the main factory building. After an unsuccessful attempt, you’ll be directed to the crane in the western corner of the area. Interact with the control panel at its base for a scene.

Part 2: Enter the Factory

Make your way over to the park nearby and investigate the Picnic in the centre of the area. Following the scene, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a three-way fight between yourself, Fizzco Bots and OD. To continue, we need to keep killing OD enemies within the yellow objective region on the mini-map until one of them drops the crane keys.

Unfortunately, the Rifle Bots make this more difficult than it needs to be, so try and take them out if they start bothering you. Continue to kill the regular OD for a while and eventually some Gunkers, Poppers and a Herker will show up. Clear the Gunkers first to enable you to use the wires above with much less hassle and then focus on taking down the Herker. Once he falls, loot the key from his body and return to the factory.

Interact with the crane once more to gain control. Use the crane to smash the crate of Overcharge in the centre of the area below. This will cause a large number of OD to spawn to come and drink from the puddle here. Our goal is to kill all of the OD that arrive.

Head to the park nearby and kill the OD, the Herker has the crane key (left). Use the crane to smush all of the OD that enter the area (right).

Note that a regular OD will be converted into a Popper if left in the puddle for too long. Poppers will run at the crane and attempt to destroy it. As such, try to eliminate OD as they appear and if Poppers appear, make sure to prioritise killing them. Towards the end of the sequence, you’ll also have a few Herkers drop in as well. Again, like the Poppers, try to eliminate them ASAP before they can damage the crane.

Once you have eliminated all of the enemies, a button prompt will appear to smash the wall. Use the button and enter the building. Grab the object from the top of the flight of stairs in here to end the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 2,500 Challenge: Traversal Challenge #7
4,000 x Overcharge
Weapon: Murderang

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