Part 1: Escort

After speaking with Chandler at the Fargathia base, follow him outside and you’ll soon be joined by another group of LARPers who will be helping you out. You’ll be working your way through the streets with these guys and they are, at this stage pretty much invincible and can dish out lots of damage. Keep in mind however that you are not invincible, so be sure to keep moving during combat.

On your way to the destination you will have to defeat enemies at three different points. The encounters are as follows:

  • The first encounter includes regular OD and a couple of Blowers.
  • You will run into a pair of Herkers. Thanks to your companions though, it is much easier than it sounds. Use the grind rails to go up and down the street, kiting the Herkers with you and letting your buddies take free shots at them. Alternatively, let your buddies tank the Herkers whilst you pile on the damage!
  • The third enemy encounter is an all-out battle between a large group of regular OD and some Scabs. Let them thin each other out a little before engaging, or dive in head first. The choice is yours.

Escort the Fargathians through the streets (left). Let them help you kill the pair of Herkers you encounter (right).

After the third encounter, continue after your pals until you reach a park. Listen to Chandler who will explain what is going to happen next and then get ready to defend the area.

Part 2: Defence

This section has us defending our allies in the park. It is similar to the defence sequences we have previously encountered at the bases, however instead of traps, we have catapults and instead of a relentless swarm of OD enemies, we have much smaller waves to deal with.

There are four catapults in the area, and each of them is aimed at one of the four enemy spawn points: The Forniburger, the Castle, the Power Plant and the Boat Shed. The key to success during this section is to listen to your allies; they will tell you where the enemies are coming from. Then you can use a catapult to bombard them as they enter the area before using your more conventional weapons to mop up any survivors.

The four areas guarded by catapults (left). Look in the direction desired and use interact when you see the green marker to fire (right).

The first round requires that you defend your comrades for 2 minutes and the waves of enemies come from the following locations:

  • Regular OD from the Power Plant
  • Regular OD from the Castle
  • Blowers and regular OD from the Forniburger
  • Regular OD from the Power Plant
  • Regular OD from the Boat House
  • Spawner at the Power Plant
    Once the time limit is up, clear out any remaining bad guys and then regroup with the Fargathians for a scene.

Keep an eye on the mini-map and use the catapults to defend the Fargathians.

Following this, you’ll be ready to face a second defence sequence. This plays out essentially the same as the first round, except this time you’ll have to hold out for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The enemies come in patterns as such:

  • Regular OD from the Boat House and regular OD and Blowers from the Power Plant.
  • Regular OD from the Castle.
  • Poppers, Gunkers and regular OD from the Forniburger.
  • Poppers, Gunkers and regular OD from the Boat House and Power Plant.
  • Poppers, Gunkers, Blowers and regular OD from the Forniburger.
  • Herker from the Castle
  • Regular OD, and Blowers from the Power Plant
    After the sequence ends, help the Fargathians kill any remaining enemies in the area and then make your way over to the Castle for a chat and a scene to end the mission.
Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 4,000 N/A
5,000 x Overcharge
Trap: Grind Cooker Trap


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