Appearance Enemies
Initial Guardian Mare (Coliseum) x4
Initial 2 Wyndham Wolf (Coliseum) x3
Initial 2 Sylphid (Coliseum)
Initial 3 Earth Golem (Coliseum)
Add 1 Earth Goliath (Coliseum)
Initial 4 Minidine (Coliseum) x3
Initial 4 Aqua Doll (Coliseum)
Initial 5 Flame Doll (Coliseum) x3
Initial 5 Fire Dragon (Coliseum)

Condition: Ludger is selected as the first character.

Boss: Wingul (Coliseum)

Weakness: None

Since you have already handled a few battle with Wingul you should be well versed in how to handle him. Use Power Charge 2 to induce a weakness and then go at him, but be careful because Wingul is deadly at close-range combat.

Attacks to watch out for Flame Ring, which will create a ring of fire around him that can cause Burn, and Rising Phoenix, where Wingul will lunch into the air and lunge at his target. If you hope to battle Bisley as the special EX boss you will need to make quick work of Wingul to beat everything in under 6 minutes.

Condition: Ludger is selected as the first character and you defeat all previous enemies in 6 minutes.

Boss: Bisley (Coliseum)

Weakness: None

You should be familiar with Bisley’s fighting style due to him being the final boss of the game. The issue here is that this fight is 2 on 1 and Bisley is just as dangerous now as he was at the end of the game. Feel free to change your equipment and equip accessories like the Frailty Charm and Laurel Crown to help your defense, since many of his attacks are so damaging.

Bisley enters Over Limit after a short time and begins using arcane artes like Beast Fury. When not in Over Limit Bisley likes to use Death’s Head, which can go right through your guard. Luckily, most of Bisley’s attacks are slow and have a huge wind-up that allows you to backstep out of range and then side-step to get in some short attacks.

Condition: Jude or Leia is selected as the first character.

Boss: Nachtigal (Coliseum)

Weakness: Water

Nachtigal is still deadly, with a wide range and attacks that can kill your characters in one hit. Due to his reach and power you’ll want to keep your distance until he misses an attack before you get in close to get a small combo of attacks. Luckily, Nachtigal’s weakness to Water can be utilized by spamming Jude’s Aqua Sweep to knock him down.

Attacks to watch out for are Apocalypse Toll, which creates magic rings around that target that explode after a set period of time, Terra Pike, and some earth-based artes that are as deadly as the previously mentioned attacks. The worst attack in Nachtigal’s arsenal is Massacre Arch, which can’t be guarded and is a two hit attack where the character is stabbed and then smashed on the ground.

Condition: Jude or Leia is selected as the first character and defeat Stahn’s Shadow and Cress’ Shadow in Illustionary Darkness.

Boss: Cress (Coliseum)

Weakness: None

Cress is fast and nimble and his attacks are relentless and quick, such as Swallow Dance and Tiger Blade. This leads very few opportunities to actually attack Cress, especially with him having no weakness. Use Power Charge 2 to create a weakness combo and allow you to begin a combo attack, but be careful of him breaking out and getting you in his own combo.

The deadliest attack is also your best chance to attack Cress; when Cress uses Sword Rain: Alpha he will be locked into ten thrusts all in the same direction that leaves him open to attacks from behind. Another attack to watch out for is Phoenix Dance, which is a kick combo that has amazing power and should be guarded or evaded.

Condition: Alvin or Gaius is selected as the first character.

Boss: Jiao (Coliseum)

Weakness: Wind

The biggest thing to do is to avoid Jiao’s high damage attacks and take advantage of him being big and slow. Once Jiao misses an attack he is wide open to counter attacks that allow you to tear into him with Alvin or Gaius.

Aside from his devastating hammer attacks Jiao also uses Devil’s Maw, which deals Earth damage in a wide range and can petrify your characters. In addition, the majority of Jiao’s attacks will cause Weakness, so make sure to pop a Panacea Bottle to cure it.

Condition: Alvin or Gaius is selected as the first character and defeat Stahn’s Shadow and Cress’ Shadow in Illustionary Darkness.

Boss: Stahn (Coliseum)

Weakness: None

There is no easy way to approach Stahn due how fast he is and anyone that gets close is likely going to take a beating. The best strategy is to actually just have a character focus on healing while the other does all the work. Since Stahn likes to launch a player and do damage in air, your healer needs to be set to Be Careful to stay away from Stahn. Additionally, since most of Stahn’s attacks are Fire and Slash based you’ll be dealing with Burn and Bleeding a lot, so make sure you have accessories to defend against this.

Condition: Elize or Rowen is selected as the first character.

Boss: Celsius (Coliseum)

Weakness: Fire

Celsius is much like the times you encountered her in the game, fast and dangerous. Since many of Celsius’ skill cause Petrify and Skillseal, so making sure you avoid her attacks or have accessories to defend against them is a good idea. Exploit Celsius Fire weakness with fire based artes from a distance and you should be good.

In addition to petrifying your party, Celsius will also use skills like Ice Calamity, in which she creates a bubble around her that explodes and stuns anyone within range, and gets in fast attacks with Swallow Dance or Frost Spears, both of which inflict heavy damage when not guarded.

Condition: Elize or Rowen is selected as the first character and complete the Job Request “Femme Fatals - Part 1”.

Boss: Mint (Coliseum) & Unicorn (Coliseum)

Weakness: Dark

Since Mint is a healer you’ll want to shift your focus straight to the Unicorns that assist Mint and give her the advantage, allowing you to more easily mitigate the damage input on your characters. You’ll need to be quick when dealing with the Unicorns though, as Mint can destroy all your hard work with a successful cast of Nurse or Revitalize. If needed, set your ally to focus on artes casting enemies or use an Over Limit to take them out.

Once alone, Mint poses very little threat and other than reviving once through her Angel’s Cry skill you should finish her off quickly.

Condition: Milla or Muzet is selected as the first character.

Boss: Agria (Coliseum)

Weakness: Water

By now you are likely familiar with Agria’s Fire attacks and the Burning effect that comes with them. Boost your resistance to Fire when you go into this fight, if possible, by using Garnets or Flame Capes and you will find this battle much easier.

Agria’s attacks consist of Flame Drill, which is a direct attack in front of her that is unblockable, and Flame Ring, in which she creates a ring of fire around her. Another attack you can’t avoid is Sunburst, which covers the whole arena, so make sure you have Magic Guard enabled on your characters skills.

Condition: Milla or Muzet is selected as the first character and complete the Job Request “Femme Fatals - Part 2”.

Boss: Rutee (Coliseum)

Weakness: Fire

Rutee wield a short sword that doesn’t give her much reach, allowing you to easily get away from her attacks. The best place to attack Rutee is after she uses Snipe Roar, which if avoided will end up with her launching into the sky and leaving herself open to attacks as she lands. Other than this the only thing you really need to watch out for is Tidal Wave, which is like Agria’s Sunburst in that it covers the whole arena and will need Magic Guard to block.


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