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Tales of Xillia 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 07-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 28-05-2020 / 06:59 GMT

Tales of Xillia 2 Guide

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Chapter 14


Item Checklist
Yakisoba Noodles (Small) | Business Outfit (Ludger) | Fancy Haircut (Ludger) | Spirius Elite
Skits Checklist
The Power to Cross Time

Talk to Vera in the lobby to learn that Ludger has been promoted to VP, which means you can now access the office across from Bisley's for a Yakisoba Noodles (Small) , Business Outfit (Ludger) , and Fancy Haircut (Ludger) .

Question: Only authorized personnel past this point.

  • L1 - I'm okay going by myself.
  • R1 - You'll come with me? (Jude & Milla Affinity +250)

Head to Bisley's office to learn that he has headed off to Canaan and the truth behind Origin's Trail. Bisley explains that the deal between Chronos, Maxwell, and Origin was rigged from the beginning... that the promise of a wish from Origin caused the majority of the fractured dimensions and catalysts to appear.

After the message is over Rideaux will reveal that Bisley plans to use Elle to enter Canaan and abruptly has your party hauled away.

Head to the 20F and talk to the man with the red smiley inside the office for a Spirius Elite and then head to the 30F and check the DODA machine for the Training Facility Emergency Code - Make sure you write it down, as it is different each game .

Exit and talk to Rideaux for more information about Origin, the Key to Kresnik, and Bisley's plot.

After a bit Bisley will call up and explain why he is making this sacrifice.

Question: This sacrifice is necessary to make a world purely for humans.

  • L1 - A world purely for humans? (Bisley Affinity +400)
  • R1 - Don't tell me Elle's the sacrifice?!

Well, that is probably the most I've heard Ludger talk all game. Time to go save Elle! Head back to the 1F to meet up with Jude and Milla, who have been doing their best to try and get back upstairs, and then choose who you want to battle.

Question: We better hurry.

  • L1 - ...... (Jude Affinity +250 & Battle Jude)
  • R1 - Right behind you! (Milla Affinity +250 & Battle Milla)

The choice you make will determine who needs to kick your ass so that you don't give up.

The reward for either is the same, except for adding the Enemy Book data, and each grants an additional choice after the fight to boost affinity.

Boss: Jude

Weakness: Fire

Jude is all about melee combat, forcing you to respond with your dual blades. If you have the Prometheus (Fire) weapons this fight will be much easier, as they will allow you to stun Jude and create longer combos. Watch out for the blue (!) that indicates an attack and a red (!) that indicates a major attack.

The battle will end when either Ludger reaches 1 HP or Jude reaches half, at which point Jude will perform his Mystic Arte and Ludger will transform to perform a massive combo and then his Mystic Arte. Either way you will gain the same item, so if you don't want to use items to heal you can end the battle quickly by letting Jude wallop you.

Boss: Milla

Weakness: Dark

As with Jude above the battle ends when Ludger reaches 1 HP or Milla reaches half HP. The only difference here is that you'll want to use a weapon with dark-based attacks and be careful for the many status ailments that Milla induces with here elemental attacks. Overall, Milla is the more difficult fight despite her lower Hp due to her arsenal of artes and skills.

After the fight you will get a bonus scene with Jude or Milla, depending on who you choose to fight.

Question: Reminds me of a certain someone.

  • L1 - And you really are a do-gooder, aren't you? (Jude Affinity +150)
  • R1 - A certain someone? Who?

Question: You may lose everything that you've worked for.

  • L1 - I'll lose something more important if I don't. (Milla Affinity +150)
  • R1 - You know me better than that.

You didn't actually think the Spirius Corporation was just going to let you walk out the door, did you? Gaius and Muzet will butt in and even Ivar will do his part for the group.

There is no way to exit the way you came in, so head for the elevator to reach B10F and make your way to the training center... but first you'll need to create a diversion.

Question: Any ideas Ludger?

  • L1 - There should be an exit from the underground training grounds. (Gaius Affinity +150, Muzet Affinity +300)
  • R1 - Let's charge through them.

Question: We'll need bait.

  • L1 - You're up, Jude. (Jude Affinity +250 & Milla joins party)
  • R1 - Can you do it for us, Milla? (Milla Affinity +250 & Jude joins party)

Before continuing watch the skit The Power to Cross Time and then enter the training grounds.

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