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The Structure of the Fractured Dimension

Unlike the Epsilla Ruins of the prime dimension, the ruins in this dimension are in tact and can be explored. Watch the scene and comfort Milla and then head down the north path and enter the underground tunnel.

Head through the tunnel and at the fork head west to enter the ruins.

After Elle declares that she is not a “fraidy cat” the party will notice that a certain member of the group is missing.

After Odin warns the team to leave watch the skit The Structure of the Fractured Dimension .

Head straight and when the door appears on the right enter Cell 1 to find two floating white squares with a Glowfruit and Secret Seed . Exit to continue west and head up the stairs to another room with a Garnet , Aquamarine , Ruby , and Opal and then exit and continue. The next cell only has a Moonstone , so grab it and then head north to the opposite side of the ruins and enter the cell on that side.

The Wandering Skeleton is a unique enemy that you must defeat for the Energy Unit . Unfortunately, this foe is strong to all types of attacks and there is no choice but to slowly dwindle its health or shift to Chromatus mode, where your attacks have no attributes.

Backtrack to the device you passed and insert the Energy Unit to boot up the teleporter and select 2nd East gate.

Head south and west, ignoring the first cell, and take the lower stairs to enter a room with a Gelatin and Animal Glue before you continue onwards. The next cell is also empty, but if you enter the tunnel in the southwest corner and hug the west wall as you walk south you’ll find a hole with Rare Metal x2 .

Return to the Yellow Passage and cross to the opposite side of the area and enter the first cell for some Finest Fur and then continue east. Head downstairs and enter the cell for an Aphid King and Beautiful Insect Wings and then check the upstairs for a Crystal Seashell and Whirling Seashell .

Head east, ignoring the cell, to enter the tunnel in the northeast corner and then follow the path and hop down. The west path here leads to a dead end while the east leads towards another fork. Take the north path to a treasure with a Giant Fish Fin and then head south to enter the Red Passage.

The first cell is empty, so head east and take the stairs up to another cell with a Seafood Set , Spicy Chicken Roll (Small) , and a Veggie Set before you continue east. The cell on this side is empty too, so head south and enter the cell on the opposite side to defeat another Wandering Skeleton for another Energy Unit .

Backtrack outside and take the tunnel in the southeast corner and check the north dead end for 9200 Gald . Continue south to the fork and then head east to enter a hole on the south wall near the end that leads to the previously inaccessible side of the Blue Passage.

Enter the northeast cell to get a Lumicite , Puricite , and Claricite and then head west and check the cell at the top of the stairs for a Fortune Rod , Sage Knives , Duel Edge , and Hanuman Shaft . Equip the new weapons to your party and then backtrack to the tunnel with the fork and head west this time. At the fork head south to a chest with Melange Gel x3 and then continue north to enter the other side of the Red Passage.

Enter the cell to defeat the final Wandering Skelton for an Energy Unit and then head east and take the stairs up to a cell with an Indigo Orb , Soba Rice (Small) , and Yellow Orb and then backtrack to the Red Passage via the tunnel (use the map to see the connections).

Enter the Energy Unit in the device and teleport to the 2nd East gate and cross to the opposite side of the Yellow Passage and place the other Energy Unit.

Take the teleport to the 1st Main gate and head west to find Odin and learn the purpose of the ruins and the civilization that once lived within them. Take a moment to view the many messages left by the previous civilization and then engage Odin… as you have no choice but to gain the waymarker and find Canaan.

Boss: Odin (Catalyst)

Weakness: Light

Odin’s resistance to most elements besides Light means you’ll either want to equip Light weapons and artes or use neutral attacks. He extremely powerful and only becomes more powerful as he gets closer to death, so read the attack descriptions below and block as needed.

Odin has a few standard attacks with his lance that can do some good damage, and possibly KO a knocked down character, but he mostly likes to use two artes; Cage of Radiance, a circle of pillars of light around Odin and will knockback and possible confuse anyone not guarding, and Thunder Fang, a lightning charge forward that can be easily side-stepped to avoid the stun that comes with it. Other attacks include Whirling Dragonfire, which will Burn those standing in front of Odin, and when he gets low on health he’ll begin to use Crimson Dusk, a mass of meteor that cover the arena, and Spark Cascade, which creates a lightning storm on one character.

After defeating Odin you’ll learn some information about Elle that you may have already figured out and engage in a heartwarming scene.

If you completed Elize’s Episode 2 you’ll also get a bonus scene about Elle and Ludger’s relationship.

For completing the chapter you’ll get the Ark Sentinel’s Heart waymarker and 30000 Gald .

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