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Melange Gel x2
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The Former Lord of Spirits

The E.S.S. Pelune is the sister ship to the Zenethra in the first game, and although it uses the same design as the previous ship this one has a new layout.

The plan doesn’t go perfectly and you’ll have to decide if you want to intervene, but either way you’ll need to continue inside to save Marcia.

This is one of the few missions that is time based, so you’ll want to rush through this part of the game quickly and pause when you need to. Head inside and turn left to check some Passengers on the ground for Melange Gel x2 . This will start the 30 minute timer in which you have to reach Marcia while rescuing as many people as possible, but be warned that the clock still runs even when you are in battle.

Head west to the Starboard Area 1 and take the stairs up to a chest with a Tofu Miso Soup (Small) and then head south to find more injured passengers for an Opal . Backtrack to the Starboard Area 2 to cross to the north side and turn left to find another injured passenger for a Guardian Emblem and then enter the nearby cabin for a Diamond . You can now head east and zone into the Central Accessway.

Take the top right exit to the Starboard Area 3 and run directly east to find another passenger for a Specific before you enter the nearby cabin for a Shock Ward . Exit and cross to the south side to exit east for a scene and then check the northeast corner for a Peach Pie (Small) .

Enter the Port Area 3 and cross to the south to find the injured passenger in the southeast corner for a Pudding Cake (Medium) and then enter the nearby cabin to find a Pearl . Continue west to the Central Accessway for a scene and fight before you exit back into Port Area 3 by taking the northeast exit. If you head straight you can rescue more passengers for 20000 Gald and then check the cabin for a Fruit n’ Cheese (Small) .

Return to the Central Accessway to take to northwest exit this time and enter the first door to the Port Deck for a Pineapple Gel x2 and Nightmare Helm . Now cross to the south side and head all the way west to save another passenger for a Wisdom Ring and then get the Balanced Blade weapon. You can now cross back to the north side and exit to the northwest to reach Port Area 1.

Take the stairs to the south and then follow them up another set of stairs and turn left to find another passenger for some Iron Leggings and then make your way back downstairs. Head west and enter the Port Bar Hall to get 13000 Gald in the western dining area before you head back out and continue southwest.

Watch the skit The Former Lord of Spirits and then check the south side of the Hall for another passengers to gain a Finest Fur .

As you head up the grand staircase check the passengers for a Rune Mail and then make sure you have everything you want before you exit to the Central Deck.

Now that the clock is gone you can check your gear, change Allium Orbs, and whatever else you make need to do and then check the northwest corner for a Wind Crest and Reverse Doll . When you are ready enter the Central Hall to find that bastard Rideaux.

Depending on your choices and if you completed Milla’s Episode 2 you can gain a fair amount of affinity with Milla, but no matter your choices there is no way to save her.

Luckily for you the old Milla hates Rideaux just as much as you probably do by now and she isn’t shy about throwing some artes around. It’s worth noting that Fractured Milla and Prime Milla are considered one and the same in the game programming and she will retain all of the skills and gear you had equipped on her… now it’s time to fight.

Boss: Rideaux (2)

Weakness: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light

While Rideaux can be handled with a few cautious skills to watch out for, the Spirius Agents that surround him make it almost impossible to get a good combo going and should be the first thing you focus on taking out. Rideaux himself is weak to almost every element, except dark, and his strength to the sledgehammer and pistols means you should use dual blades, no matter their element, to fight him. Jude should focus on healing and you should link with Milla to use her Bind ability to get some good combos started.

Rideaux’s attacks are fast slashes, spins, and grabs that will deal Stun and Bleeding, making them more deadly that his actually skills and artes. When he does use artes he likes to use Dancing Bayonet, an unblockable attack that throws out four rings of Dark magic outwards, that changes into Striking Bayonet, which creates whirlwinds instead, when he is low HP. His other attacks Hellstorm and Evil Frenzy are attack skills that will do heavy damage, but they can be blocked to make them less deadly.

After the fight Rideaux will escape no matter what you choose.

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