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Tales of Xillia 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 07-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 29-05-2020 / 16:56 GMT

Tales of Xillia 2 Guide

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Chapter 8 & 9: Trigleph

Mon Highlands (Fractured)

Item Checklist
Pure White Puffball | Splint Mail | 2800 Gald | Chocolate Parfait (Small) | 7000 Gald | Aquamarine | Silver Helm | Everbloom | Pineapple Gel x2 | Hunting Beret
Skits Checklist
Erston, Playboy at Large | Milla's Hair

You are teleported straight into the center of the Southeast Region of the Highlands, the passage between Xian Du and Gaius' home of Kanbalar. Watch the skits Erston, Playboy at Large and Milla's Hair before exploring the area.

Question: Do you agree with that assessment, Ludger?

  • L1 - Yeah. Maybe you should.
  • R1 - Maybe it's precisely because the world's in crisis that he need to do this. (Gaius Affinity +250)

Question: Fracture Milla and prime Milla have different hairstyles.

  • L1 - What's prime Milla's hair like? (Milla Affinity +250)
  • R1 - I'm surprised you'd even notice something like that. (Gaius Affinity +250)

From your starting position head southwest a bit and look on the left wall for a hole leading to a Pure White Puffball and then check the northeast corner for another hole, this one containing a Splint Mail .

Continue to the Central Region and head straight to the center where the road forks north or west and check the south wall to find a hole with 2800 Gald before you head north, hugging the east wall for another hole containing a Chocolate Parfait (Small) .

Take the east fork in the Silent Cave to a dead end for 7000 Gald and then head all the way north to the another dead end for an Aquamarine . To continue through the cave head south and hug the east wall, crawling through a hole about half way down to reach the other half of the cave and exit to the north.

The North Branch is a dead end, but it does have two treasures. Head east while hugging the south wall to find a hole with a Silver Helm and then grab the chest to the northeast by a tree for an Everbloom . You now need to backtrack through the save and head west at the fork in the Central Region.

Get the Pineapple Gel x2 from the cave in the northeast corner of the region and then head southwest and hug the southern wall to another hole with a Hunting Beret before entering Kanbalar.

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