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Tales of Xillia 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 07-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 14-07-2020 / 23:24 GMT

Title Description Grade
Transformation Dabbler You know how to transform. Yay! 10
Transformation Spree You clearly are having an identity crisis by how many times you've transformed... 30
Transformation Rampage You've transformed enough to justify your very own superhero TV show! 50
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Ludger Transformation Spree

Ludger's transformed enough times to earn his own TV show. It plays all day every day on every channel. That's a lotta Ludger!

Title Description Grade
Snap Pivot Ninja Jude has used a number of Snap Pivots. 10
Snap Pivot Demon Jude's Snap Pivoting is the stuff of legend. 30
Snap Pivot Deity We are officially going to begin tracking the times when Jude is NOT Snap Pivoting instead! 50
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Snap Pivot Urban Legend

Jude has executed a great number of Snap Pivots. People are starting to think he's not even real!

Title Description Grade
Min-well Milla Spirit Shifted a few times. Good going. 10
Mid-well Milla Spirit Shifts so often that we all use a "z" when writing about her mad skillz. 30
Max-well In the history of Spirit Shifting, no one spirit shifts as often as Milla. 50
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Milla has performed a great number of Spirit Shifts. Almost makes you question if she fights with anything else.

Title Description Grade
Charge-a-rama Alvin's has some successess with Charging.... 10
The Charge-nator Put away the cash: Alvin knows how to Charge! 30
Prince Charging Alvin now just spends full episodes Charging up. He used to be so fun before! 50
Trophy icon

Super Charged

Now Alvin has Charged so much he can't stop! It's like he's frozen in a perpetual state of Charging!

Title Description Grade
Tempo Change Elize is all about Teepo Switching. 10
Tempo Modulation Elize has perfected the art of Teepo Switching. 30
Tempo Flux Elize has quit her day job and now just uses Teepo Switching all day long! 50
Trophy icon

Teepo Embodied

Elize has Teepo Switched to great proportions! You'd think it was her day job or something! Work it, sister!

Title Description Grade
Forte Rowen has used his Arte Tuning ability a bit. 10
Fortissimo Rowen has used his Arte Tuning ability a lot. 30
Fortississimo Rowen has basically over-stayed his welcome using the Arte Tuning ability. 50
Trophy icon


The crescendo of Rowen's Arte Tuning has finished it's apex. The crowd cheers endlessly for an encore!

Title Description Grade
Elongating Powers Leia has used her Elongating Staff ability a fair number of times. 10
Elongating Mysteries Leia's Elongating Staff ability has reared its head on quite a few occasions now. 30
Elongating Dogma Leia has used her Elongating Staff ability so much that we're pretty sure it's stuck in that position.... 50
Trophy icon

Staff of Indignation

Leia has really extended her use of the Elongating Staff! You'd think that it was made of taffy or something!

Title Description Grade
Retribution Gaius has demonstrated here and anon that he and he alone has figured out how to use his Retribution ability. 10
Revenge Gaius has demonstrated that when Retribution must be doled out, he is the most apt to do the doling. 30
Wrath See that pile of bodies? That's just Gaius sleep-Retribution'ing his enemies. It's all second nature to him now. 50
Trophy icon

Gaius Fury

Gaius has used the Retribution ability quite a number of times. A moment of silence for the fallen.

Title Description Grade
Acolyte of Warping Muzet has used Emergency Warp enough times to warrant a freebie title. Here! 10
Master of Warping Muzet uses Emergency Warp so much that we are pretty sure they have not all been real "emergencies".... 30
Empress of Warping Kids sing songs about Muzet and her Emergency Warp prowess. 50
Trophy icon

Warp Goddess

Muzet's Emergency Warp has now been perfected. It's the stuff of legends. Now you see her, now you don't!


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