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Tales of Xillia 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 07-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 13-07-2020 / 02:40 GMT

Item Checklist
12000 Gald | Battle Suit | Long Dau's Dust | 20000 Gald
Skits Checklist
Call from Nova 7

There are no treasures in the Xailen Woods Temple, so quickly run through to the north exit to re-enter Kanbalar on the residential roofs.

As you enter take a left at the fork and hop down to a lower roof for a chest with 12000 Gald and then climb back up and make your way across the rooftops. As you head around to the opposite side of the plaza below, continue north instead of crossing the arch to get another treasure with a Battle Suit . With both items in your possession, cross the arch and climb up the roofs to enter the castle walls right behind the guards.

Enter the castle and head for the throne room to the north to find an old enemy, and member of The Chimeriad.

Question: I will make you regret setting foot in here!

  • L1 - Tranform and fight back!
  • R1 - But I just want to talk with you. (Gaius Affinity +400)

No matter your choice you will find yourself facing this powerful foe, but it's nice to learn more about why this man is sitting on the throne... as well as where the real Gaius is.

Boss: Wingul (Catalyst)

Weakness: Slash

The game is nice enough to give you three characters that use slash attacks: Ludger, Milla, and Gaius. It is important to set Leia to prioritize healing, as she is the only healer, and if you link with Gaius you can get the benefit of his support abilities. Since Wingul moves around a lot you'll be banking on getting in attacks where you can and power combos created by attacking his weakness.

Wingul's attacks are extremely quick and in addition to standard sword attacks he can use some devastating artes. It is important to avoid any attacks you can, since many cause negative status ailments like Burn and Bleeding, so watch out for the blue and red (!). Sometimes you won't be given much of a warning, such as Wingul's Rising Phoenix, which is a two hit strike that will also stun your party. Other attacks to watch out for is Flame Ring, which like Muzet's version will be cast around Wingul and do damage and cause Burn.

When Wingul's reaches half HP he will use Over Limit and if you are hit with Infernal Torrent he will link that with Lightning Nova, which will one shot any individuals standing near him.

After the fight you will gain the waymarker by destroying Wingul and then find yourself back in Trigleph.

Question: Ludger, I leave the rest to you.

  • L1 - Destroy the divergence catalyst. (Gaius Affinity +400)
  • R1 - Are you sure about this, Gaius?

Question: Do you know why?

  • L1 - Because you're strong.
  • R1 - Because you liked ruling? (Gaius Affinity +400)

If you completed Leia's Episode 2 you will also get a bonus scene to continue the smalll story arch with the one before you headed off to the fractured dimension.

Question: I'll be an old lady before I can finally publish this story about Gaius.

  • L1 - You okay with that? (Leia Affinity +400)
  • R1 - Just publish it under a pen name.

After completing the chapter you will gain Long Dau's Dust , 20000 Gald , and get the Call from Nova 7 skit to let you know you can now head to Lakutam Seahaven.

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