Item Checklist
4500 Gald

There is a Trade Merchant right where you port in, so if you want to make a custom fire-based weapon you can just make sure you keep other element weapons so you don’t end up with all one type.

The intense blizzard makes it hard to see, but no worries because you have me to guide you. Head west and hug the west wall as you walk north to find a hole with 4500 Gald and then run to the northeast corner for another hole with a Gothic Dress . Continue to the Central Region and make your way through the blizzard until you’re stopped by some old pals.

The following fight is similar to the one in the previous game since the character’s move sets are exactly the same. You’ll want to focus on Presa or Jiao first since their damage output per hit is much higher than Agria, who uses attacks that mostly cause Burn, and Wingul, who is simply hard to focus on when he moves around so much. Muzet makes a great partner due to her Support Warp that can get you in and out of major combat situation quickly, but Gaius is useful once there is only two enemies left for his buffs.

Boss: Presa (Fractured)

Weakness: Fire

I like to take out Presa first due to the fact that her artes hit multiple targets and she has the lowest HP of all the Chimeriad. With a weakness to Fire your new Prometheus (Fire) dual blades will come in handy, if you created them, but you’ll want to watch out for her artes. Focus on breaking her casting before she can get off a spell and run when she goes into Over Limit, as her casts will become instant and can deal a hefty amount of damage.

Boss: Jiao (Fractured)

Weakness: Wind

Although big and slow, Jiao has the highest damage output of the bunch and his abilities can take you out pretty quickly if you do not block. If possible you should try and take on Jiao with dual pistols so you don’t have to get up in his face, but if you do not have wind-based pistols created you’ll just have to get up close and personal and remember to block. You’ll also want to try and fight Jiao away from the rest of the group, as most of his attacks are aoes that can damage anyone in range.

Boss: Agria (Fractured)

Weakness: Water

While not an threat for damage output with her attacks, Agria’s Burn effect will cause your life to dwindle very fast. I suggest using accessories to protect against Burn for your close-range fighters in order to protect them if they get caught in her attacks.

Boss: Wingul (Fractured)

Weakness: Earth

Wingul is exactly the same as when you fought him previously in one of the fractured dimensions. He is fast and hard to hit, which is why you should save him for last.

After the fight you’ll need to continue toward Kanbalar, but first hug the south wall as your walk west for a hole with a Copper Chunk and then head northeast and hug the east wall to get a Magical Ribbon in another hole just before the Silent Cave.

Head all the way to the north dead end for a chest with a Blood Ward and then backtrack to crawl through the hole on the east wall to reach the opposite side and zone to the North Branch. Hug the south wall as you head east to find a hole with an Aqua Cape and then exit and search in the blizzard to the northeast for a chest with 14000 Gald .

Make your way back to the Central Region and zone to the Northwest Region. Get the Pure White Puffball in the hole on the northeast corner of the map and then head to the south wall and hug it as you walk west to find another hole with a Meadow Crystal . That’s all for treasure, so head toward Kanbalar for a scene.

Boss: Otulp (Catalyst)

Weakness: Light, Slash

This fight isn’t particularly difficult since Otulp is slow to attack and really only uses two, but without equipping light-based weapons and artes (Moonlight Assault is great here) you’ll find it hard to dish out damage and break the enemy’s Iron Stance. Focus on attacking form the side or behind this boss to avoid it’s attacks, which only hit individuals standing in front of him.

Outside of his normal attacks Otulp only uses two skills: Cross Slayer, in which he throws his twinblade in a long arc and causes many status ailments, and Whirling Dragonfire, which is the same attack that Odin used that causes Burn. Of these the only deadly one is Cross Slayer, but the long wind up before he actually throws the blade gives you plenty of time to side step and avoid it.


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