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Thief’s Cape

You will be forced into a battle the minute you set foot in the training grounds, but it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Take the lift and then head east to a terminal overlooking the enemies below.

Remember that Training Facility Emergency Code I mentioned earlier, well if you wish to destroy all the enemies and simply walk through the area, collecting their drops and your treasure, with no battle you can insert the code here.

Make your way through the rooms and in the third room head west instead of down to another room to take the stairs up and gather the Thief’s Cape and Saphira from the dead end. Now continue east into the more familiar part of the grounds from the start of the game and turn right to drop down and get the chest with a Platinum Cloak , which you might want to equip on Muzet.

Continue east down the ramp to the save and then veer right to head into the lower beach area, where you can get a Mythril Plate in the southwest corner and the cat Boris for Boris’ Collar by crawling through the hole in the north wall.

Now make your way back to the save and head for the exit to the northeast. If you completed Muzet’s Episode 1 you’ll get a bonus scene with Muzet and an extra option to increase her affinity.

Although you have fought both of these guys individually they have not been taken on together and they also have a entourage like the previous fight with Rideaux at the E.S.S. Pelune.

Boss: Ivar (4)

Weakness: Wind

Boss: Rideaux (3)

Weakness: All elements, except Dark (Rideaux)

Start by focusing on the subordinates to dwindle down the numbers and help you deal with combo interruptions. If you link with Jude, if he is with you, and use Hungry Hunter on the male Spirius Agents you’ll create the Linked Arte Bestial Cry which will Stun everyone in the arena, including Rideaux and Ivar to allow your party a few minutes to recover.

After defeating the Spirius Agents you’ll want to focus on Ivar, since he has the lowest HP of the two. Since both Ivar and Rideaux are weak to wind you’ll want to focus on using wind-based artes and skills like Lunar Reflection and Azure Edge. Unfortunately, due to the attacks and speed of both these individuals you’ll find it hard to get a decent combo going. Watch out for fighting Ivar when he is close to Rideaux by backing up and letting Ivar come after you to avoid everyone taking damage from Rideaux’s aoe attacks and you should be able to take Ivar out without much trouble and focus on Rideaux.

If you completed Gaius’ Episode 2 you’ll get a bonus scene with Rideaux and Gaius as you walk out of the training grounds, but neither option will increase his affinity.

As you leave the training grounds Rideaux will be hauled away at the request of Bisley, probably for a later use… guess we’ll still need to deal with him later.

Outside in the Torbalan Highroad you’ll get a call from Julius telling you that Milla and himself aare safe in town, guess it’s time to head back to Trigleph.

Now head back in Trigleph to meet up with Milla in the Residential Quarter.

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