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The Land of Canaan is full of dead ends and is more of a maze than anything else in the game. The good news is that of the 6 patterns that the final dungeon can present itself as all paths lead to the end eventually and there is no treasure to hunt down. The best tips I can give you are to remember where you have been and if you run into a dead end backtrack to the last split and try a separate path.

When you reach the save point in the Antumbra you will want to make a separate save , as the game once again splits at this point. Approach the magical circle to teleport deep into The Gates of Judgement to find Elle, along with Bisley and Chronos.

No matter your choice you will be forced to fight Chronos.

Boss: Chronos (3)

Weakness: None

Take into account the previous encounters with Chronos when facing this version. Chronos will summon Chronos Bits now and again, which should be eliminated asap, and use standard attacks like Tetra Assault and Tetra Spell. Other attacks he still uses are Chronos Collider and Chronos Laser, which you have experienced before. Chronos also can pause time, which will change the arena colors and petrify your party with no way to avoid this, and a new attack called Witchcraft very rarely. As usual, avoid being near Chronos when he uses Over Limit so you are not hit with Chronos Erosion.

As before, when Chronos reaches low HP he will teleport away and try to use Time Compression, which is usually followed by the deadly Gravity Meteor. To prevent this you’ll want to transform into a Chromatus and continue your assault to defeat him.

After defeating Chronos, Bisley will take action and you’ll need to make some choices that really don’t matter.

You will then automatically be thrust into battle with Bisley.

Boss: Bisley

Weakness: None

With a boxer fighting style Bisley’s punches, such as Blazing Comet, can instantly KO a character. Because he is so dangerous at close range you’ll want to stay back, keep Bisley in a combo or keep him knocked down and stunned. Despite his size Bisley is extremely fast and the small gap between his attacks leaves you very little time to actually attack, so using side-steps and back-steps is the key to winning this fight.

Bisley uses Style Change, which changes his attack patterns, but other than avoiding his punches and staying away when he uses Over Limit to avoid Absolute Fist, you just need to slowly dwindle his HP. Make sure to use your Chromatus before you reach 10% health.

When Bisley reaches 10% a scene will occur and he will regain some HP and you will begin the battle transformed, hence using it before you reach this point. Continue to fight and when Bisley reaches 0 HP Ludger will automatically transform. In order to defeat Bisley you need to trigger your Mystic Arte by hitting L1 + X.

After the fight a lengthy cutscene will occur and you will be faced with a number of choices that will determine the end of the game.

See the following table for ending choices:

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