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Revival Ring

The house is beautifully nestled on the lake and it is obvious that Elle recognizes the place. After Elle runs off to greet the man in black exiting the house you can check out the beautiful view and then approach the pair.

Elle looks nothing like her father, she must get it from her mother’s side, but who am I to judge. The man introduces himself as Victor and welcomes the group to dinner, mysteriously knowing Ludger’s name.

Something sure is fishy about the man who has Ludger’s hair, only all black, and seems to know Ludger’s future in cooking down to the date… can you be more obvious, game!

A good hearty meal later and Elle is out, leaving the party to confront Victor with their suspicions.

With the truth revealed about Elle it’s time to take this argument outside, but first you’ll want to grab the Revival Ring from the north side of Elle’s home.

Outside approach Victor to learn more about what happened to the group in this dimension, why it happened, and then be hit with the, oh so obvious, truth of who Victor is… yea I figured that from the beginning, now the only question is who is her mother?!

One impressive stand-off later and you’ll be forced to take on Victor, the final Waymarker.

Boss: Victor

Weakness: None

Victor fights just like Ludger, only he is better and stronger. Your combat style really doesn’t matter as Victor is not weak or strong to anything in particular, but you will want to use abilities that can knock him on his ass or vault him into the air to allow you to get a decent combo started. You are stuck with a non-dedicated healer like Elize or Leia, but no worries as Jude, Milla, and Rowen all should have one healing ability.

The battle begins with Victor in Chromatus form. He is extremely deadly in this form and even if he isn’t targeted on your he will destroy your party members with artes and skill. You can transform to save your party from eating the damage or you can avoid his attacks and then use Chromatus for a large combo attack when he returns to normal form. While in Chromatius Victor can enter Over Limit and then use the Mystic Arte Form Destroyer, which will usually kill anyone within the linear path of the attack. Decide how you will want to deal with Victor in Chromatus form and take notes, as he will likely enter it more than once in this fight.

When not transformed Victor will start with the Dual Blades and use all the artes and skills that Ludger can learn, even if you haven’t learned them yourself. Again, Victor can Over Limit while not transformed and his attacks will usually cause Confusion, which will result in your characters attacking each other and burning through their TP that you might want to save. As Victor’s HP dwindles he will eventual switch to Dual Pistols and then the Sledgehammer, still using all the attacks in Ludger’s arsenal.

After the fight Victor will mention that all power has a cost. This marks a point in the game when your transformations into Chromatus beginning to count, literally. What is this important? Well, titles and trophies of course. As stated previously in the guide, you should stick to using Chromatus only for boss fights and keep the total under 50 until the end of the game.


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