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Tales of Xillia 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 07-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 12-07-2020 / 20:18 GMT

Item Checklist
Onion | 1000 Gald | "Ex Machina" Whiskey | 500 Gald | Thomas | Lithia | Lithia | Seabird Egg | Potato | Salmon x2 | Prayer Pennants | Seabird Egg | "Moonlight" Bourbon | Tuna | Weird Fragment | Aphid
Skits Checklist
Leia the Reporter

Note: If you choose Heliborg as your first location skip to Chapter 4 & 5 - Helioborg.

Marksburg is full of items to grab before you start the main story, so ignore the NPC marked with a star for now and check the sandbags to the left of the Inn to the north for an Onion . Inside the Inn, check the small cabinet on the east side of the door for 1000 Gald and then check the barrels on the bar for "Ex Machina" Whiskey .

Exit the Inn and head south onto the upper platform with some sailors and check the barrels for 500 Gald and then head down the stairs and down the small flight of stairs to the south to find Thomas .

Grab Thomas from Elym Harbor and Lithia from the Bridge of Unity.

Instead of heading south toward the objective, head to the west exit to the Bridge of Unity.

Check inside the Accessory Shop to find Lithia and then exit west again to the Reiza Maxia side and head north down the stairs and check the crates for Gelatin . The potted plant to the right of the stairs to the north has a Seabird Egg while the crates of the merchant on the opposite side have a Potato . Take the stairs up and check the boxes to the right of the shops for Salmon x2 and then head north to the dead end and find the Prayer Pennants in the boxes.

Inside the Inn you can find another Seabird Egg in the crates by the door, while a "Moonlight" Bourbon can be found in the crate by the main desk. Back outside, head south on the upper level and check the crates by a sailor for a Tuna and then head down the stairs and check the crates in the southeast section for a Weird Fragment and Aphid .

With the treasure all taken care of, head back to the Elympios side and talk to Leia on the south side of Elym Harbor.

Question: I need to catch it for a special assignment.

  • L1 - I'll grab the cat for you. (Leia Affinity +300)
  • R1 - This looks like a job for Rollo.

Head to the Npc with a star in Elym Harbor to meet a familar face... and find Julius.

Apparently the Julius you were looking for was actually a cat...awesome. As usual, Leia will scold Jude for his knack of getting into trouble and you'll be headed off to Duval. As you head back to the station you'll run into Ivar, who as usual will challenge you to a duel.

Boss: Ivar

Weakness: Blunt

This battle actually acts as a tutorial for the Sledgehammer, so follow the battle prompts. It is not a difficult fight, as Ivar doesn't attack that much and you have Power Swing. If you can juggle him in the air with repeated attacks you'll earn a damage bonus.

Make sure to take the Sledgehammer tutorial to learn more about your new weapon.

It is worth noting that your weapon swaps use a whole different set of artes, so make sure to go into the Artes menu and hit L2 to change between the weapon types and set up proper Artes. You can now head to Marksburg Station and begin the skit Leia the Reporter and then head to Duval Station.

Question: Jude and Leia are like...

  • L1 - A married couple. (Leia Affinity +250)
  • R1 - A mother and daughter.

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