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Tales of Xillia 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 07-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-03-2018 / 19:58 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 21-09-2018 / 22:30 GMT

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Alvins Episode 2

Alvins Episode 2

Helioborg Research Station (Fractured)

Item Checklist
Splint Mail | 7000 Gald | Xillia Outfit 1 (Alvin) | Xilla Haircut (Alvin) | 20000 Gald

Although Helioborg is a large area to explore, there are only two new treasures to find.

Enter the Business Wing straight ahead and the first treasure, a Splint Mail will be straight ahead. Continue to Sector 1 and take the south exit to Sector 3, where you’ll find 7000 Gald in the dead end to the south.

ou can now exit to the northwest, enter the Research Wing’s 1F, and then enter the Warehouse.

Back in the prime dimension Yurgen will try to apologize, but Alvin will push him away… way to go dude.

Question: What’ll you say?

  • L1 - Cheer up, Alvin. (Alvin Affinity +350)
  • R1 - You really are pathetic.