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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Retake The Normandy

Claire Farnworth

Nobody takes my ship.

It’s time to choose your squad for the next mission so pick complimentary squad mates. Once again, tech powers will be very useful though it won’t hurt to have a biotic around either or a sentinel like Kaiden.

Citadel Docks Battle

As soon as you land there will be an onslaught of Mercenaries to deal with. You can stay up where you landed but they have a nasty habit of throwing cluster grenades at you so go down the ladder and face them head on.

If you’re fast enough you can actually take out the Heavies before they even get a chance to activate their shields, making things a little easier. Be careful how far you move ahead as more enemies will spawn so kill each group one at a time.

There are also Snipers to watch out for. Make good use of Sabotage on the drones if you have it. Watch the right side as the enemies will jetpack onto the landing there and clump together. Sometimes they use the walkway on the left to flank you so keep an eye out for that.

After the fight, move ahead to see the Normandy about to take off. Be sure to pick up the Sniper Rifle Ultralight Materials before rushing to catch the ship. When you go down the ladder and get nearer to the Normandy, more Mercs will arrive from the back and right.

These are easily dealt with however so kill them and pick up the Shotgun Ultralight Materials on the crates with the Med-Kit. Rush to the Normandy to make it just in time.

Stop The Clone

You will emerge into the ship’s vents so crawl to the end and be ready for a close-quarters firefight. Enemies will be right in front of you so you need to be fast and find some cover. Use whatever powers you have to stun them to buy you a little more time.

Do not stand around on the stairs because the Mercs will throw cluster grenades at your feet, trapping you in a circle of death. You can circle round the CIC chamber to stop yourself being flanked and to keep cover between you and the Mercenaries.

When the fight is over, pick up the mercenary payment near where the Galaxy Map usually is for 15000 Credits . To the left when facing the elevator is a little room that ordinarily would lead to the War Room. In here is an Assault Rifle Thermal Scope and Private Campbell’s Favourite Mug .

Head into the little room that would normally lead to the War Room to collect the items here.

If you examine the bin on the right of the elevator, Shepard will be mortified. When you are ready, get into the elevator for the final showdown.

Normandy Cargo Bay Final Battle

This is a unique fight as you will be fighting the Clone, Brooks and Hatchet Squad. Brooks is wielding the N7 Crusader shotgun which is extremely powerful and quite accurate to boot. She can also cloak making it difficult to target her to use abilities.

Hatchet Squad consists of the regular troops you’ve been fighting throughout the mission. The Clone however, is just that: a perfect clone of Shepard, complete with his powers. For instance, if you are an Infiltrator, he will cloak and wield a Black Widow Sniper.

He is immune to some powers such as Stasis and Singularity but fortunately Warp, Reave and Energy Drain/Overload work wonders on him. The goal is to whittle his health down enough to make him use Medi-Gel. There is a counter in the top right corner telling you how much he has left.

After you have his armour down by half, he will use one, fully restoring his shields and automatically reviving Brooks if she was down. He will make a move to revive her himself as well so watch out for that.

The basic premise to this fight is to keep moving, running from cover to cover and chipping away at the Clone’s health. If he gets into melee range, a sort of cutscene will ensue. If you’re fast enough to press the melee button when he goes to melee you, you can wrestle him and knock his shields down completely. This tactic is only a good one if you have a lot of shields and health.

Keep this crate in mind if you are running low on Medi-Gel. It has an unlimited supply.

If you find yourself low on Medi-Gel there is an unlimited supply crate of it at the back of the cargo bay so run over there when you need to. During the middle of the fight, a cutscene will happen, and the game will autosave so if you die after this point, you only have to do the last part of the fight. The ship is flailing from side to side though, making it hard to aim for snipers.

You must keep moving, keeping an eye on enemy positions at all times. If the Clone is an Infiltrator, it’s a good idea to watch where your squad are as he will break cloak to attack them, giving you an opportunity to hit him with everything you’ve got.

Do not stay in one place too long as enemies will flank you, particularly those that can cloak. The Mercs will keep spawning on the right-hand side so just be aware of that. The Clone should be your primary focus as the other enemies will keep reviving or spawning anyway.

Use the power wheel to pause the game now and then to check enemy positions and plan your next move. Keep as much distance away as possible. It’s advisable to lure the enemies to one end, and run all the way to the other, picking the Clone off from behind if possible.

If the Clone gets a bit close, try and unload all your powers to make him use a Medi-Gel. This is the best time to move away to the other side and pick up ammo or gel if you’re low. Keep repeating these steps and eventually the fight will be over.

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Last Resort

Stop an out-of-control scheme before it's too late.

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