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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Best Sentinel Builds

Shane Williams

This page will show you some of the best Sentinel builds in Mass Effect 3. Here, you’ll find details on the best abilities to pick, the best weapons to equip, and you’ll find what armor works best for the build.

Sentinel Overview

The Sentinel is a core class in Mass Effect 3. The Sentinel shines at being able to deal with all forms of protection the enemies may have due to them having access to both Warp and Overload.

Power Build

This build revolves around making use of the variety of powers at your disposal, such as Throw, Warp, Overload, and Cryo Blast. Sentinel is a very powerful jack-of-all-trades type class, as you’ll also be able to go with most weapons.

Power Upgrade Path
Throw Radius > Detonate > Double Throw
Warp Detonate > Expose > Pierce
Overload Chain Overload > Neural Shock > Shield Damage
Cryo Blast Duration > Speed Reduction > Frozen Vulnerability
Offensive Mastery Force & Damage > Weight Capacity > Force & Damage
Fitness Durability > Shield Recharge > Fitness Expert
Tech Armor Durability > Power Damage > Power Recharge


This section will go into more detail on why the Powers are chosen for this particular build.


Throw is one of your key powers, as it has a fast cooldown and can temporarily stun or knock down enemies which will give you an opening to shoot them. Following the path above, you’ll be able to use the ability twice in a row and hit multiple enemies with a large damage increase


Warp is a power that deals instantaneous damage along with damage over time. This pairs well with Throw due its fast cooldown. Following the path above, you’ll be able to deal more damage to armor and barriers whilst being able to deal more damage with your weapons. Finally, having detonated on both Warp and Throw is extremely powerful due to the skills stacking.


Overload is a power which takes down the shields and barriers. It deals respectable damage to synthetic targets and overheats weapons which will give you time to finish them off or heal up. Following the path above, you’ll be able to detoate two fire/cryo explosions in a row, deal normal damage rather than half to Organics, and double damage against shields/barriers.

Cryo Blast

Cryo Blast is a power that can freeze enemies with only red health left. This could cause an explosion which will freeze nearby enemies. If an enemy you’re fighting is resistant to being frozen, then it’ll weaken their armor and slow them down. Following the path above, you’ll be able to increase the time that enemies are slowed and increase how much enemies are weakened.

Offensive Mastery

Offensive Mastery is a passive power that improves weapon and power damage. Following the path above, you’ll increase the damage that Overload, Warp and Throw can output. Also you’ll be increasing your weight capacity which will allow you to be better equipped whilst maintaining the +200% Power Recharge Speed.


Fitness is another great passive as it’ll buff up your Health and Shields. Following the path above, you’ll be increasing the amount of Health and Shields you have whilst decreasing the recharge speed.

Tech Armor

Tech Armor is a power that gives you damage protection along with an increased power and melee damage. Following the path above, you’ll be giving yourself a nice damage reduction whilst increasing your Power Damage which will benefit Overload, Warp and Throw.

Best Weapons

This section will talk about what weapons are best for this particular build.


Weapon Base Damage Clip Size Reserve Ammunition Capacity Rate of Fire Accuracy
M-11 Wraith Medium 2 18 Low Low Low

The M-11 Wraith is acquired from the Spectre Requisitions Store which can be accessed at the Citadel or via the terminal in the Shuttle Bay of Normandy.

Assault Rifle

Weapon Base Damage Clip Size Reserve Ammunition Capacity Rate of Fire Accuracy
M-8 Avenger Low 40 400 Medium Medium Low

The M-8 Avenger is acquired by picking it up during the mission, Earth: Vancouver. Although you’ll mainly depend on your Powers, the Avenger is a good backup for when you need to sit back in cover and finish off the remaining enemies.

Best Armor

Armor Location Stats
Blood Dragon Kanala Exports, Presidium Commons +10% Power Recharge Speed, +30% Power Damage, +20% Shields

The Blood Dragon is the perfect set for this build, as it increases power recharge speed and power damage.

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