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Reach The Mines

Claire Farnworth

This section is incredibly unnerving as you play it in darkness.

You find yourself in an eerily silent place with dead soldiers littering the floor. Talk of Adjutants continues. Don’t worry, the secret will be unveiled quite soon. For now head right down a few steps and turn the corner. More bodies lie here. Follow the path until you see more dead soldiers. Finally, you will hear whispers from the Adjutants.

Keep walking past the dead and turn right at the next intersection. A bit further along Aria will tell you the Mines are through that door ahead but the power’s out so you need to find the circuit breaker. If you go a bit further right you will notice some glowing red pipes. Nyreen suggests you follow them but before you do, grab the 2250 Credits by going right and up the stairs, then to the left corner.

Go back to the pipes and follow their glow. Climb the ladder Aria points out and follow the red pipes a little way. Jump the gap on the right to continue. Keep following the pipes and you will come to a walkway. Go all the way to the end to find another 1500 Credits .

Follow these pipes to find the circuit breaker.

Go down the next ladder and hit the power when prompted. You are in for a nasty surprise. Adjutants are insanely strong biotics and have a powerful melee attack. They can jump at you to close the distance and throw Singularities if you’re far enough away. All in all, they are very tough.

This room is quite cramped but one Adjutant isn’t much of a threat luckily. Throw all your weight at it, stripping it’s barriers first before pummelling it with bullets. Shooting it in the eyes/head does massive damage so target this regularly.

A bullet between the eyes works wonders against the terrifying Adjutants.

Thankfully you can now see a little more so go back down the walkway with all the bodies. Another Adjutant will attack you from the right side so use the same tactics on it. Do not let them get too close as you will die. Keep a moderate distance from them.

Head back towards the access elevator near to where you followed the red pipe. Another few Adjutants will spring up from behind you so turn around and run up the ramp to the right to meet one of them. Never take cover with Adjutants as you always need to keep moving.

Kill the one in front but be aware of the other ones from the left. As before, keep a safe distance from them and you’ll be fine. You may now proceed to the elevator. Upon reaching the top, go across the bridge lit up by red lights.

After you've killed the Adjutant here, stay on this walkway to kill the others.

Move a little bit forward and Cerberus troops will spawn in front of you so take cover. They will also spawn through the gate to the right so head over there to confront them. Whilst there, don’t forget to pick up the Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel.

Keep an eye on both routes as they will almost always try to flank you. Move between the two paths, killing any soldiers you see before checking the other. Once they’re all dead head towards the middle. You need to reach the maintenance elevator in the distance.

Climb down the ladder when the route becomes blocked and take cover again as yet more enemies come to try their luck. As always, pay particular attention to the most dangerous enemies. Open the door marked maintenance area and collect the Pistol Heavy Barrel before climbing down the ladder.

Collect the Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel on top of the crates here.

You will see an Engineer off in the distance so blast his head off. This will alert the others so dispatch them, killing the mechs as soon as they start their approach. Open the door at the end and proceed up the ladder. Before you head up the stairs, go round the corner to the place labelled Triage area and pick up the Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope and 1500 Credits.

Go back and up and keep going until more troops appear. They will come from the front and the left so watch that side but deal with the mechs first as always. Sometimes the troopers like to come from the right as well so just be aware of that. Keep going and you’ll eventually reach the elevator.

To The Reactor

At the top, open the door and quickly kill the Engineer inside. On the right is a locker with a Shotgun Omni-Blade and right at the end is the Chakram Launcher by a dead body. Equip this weapon immediately if you’re using an assault rifle as it will be incredibly useful in the next battle.

Round the other corner is more salvage worth 1500 Credits . Finally, go outside and turn left to pick up another 3750 Credits and afterwards go down the ladder. Follow the path all the way to the elevator. You will see the reactor ahead. Be prepared for a tough battle when you get to the middle.

The Shotgun Omni-Blade can be found inside these lockers.

Reactor Mech Battle

This fight can be an absolute nightmare at times if you aren’t prepared. The mechs will approach from two directions and circle round to try and cut you off. Your best bet is to kill one and move and repeat.

The Chakram Launcher really is a godsend in this fight if you don’t have any tech powers to stun the mechs. It can be used to stagger them, making it impossible for them to fire at you and making it easier for you to fire off powers or bullets.

Do not stay in cover for too long as you will be caught off guard and will most likely die. Only use cover to avoid any direct fire. Keep using the power wheel to pause the game and look around you so you can tell where the mechs are at all times.

Always stun Mechs first and then take a shot at them. This completely nullifies their speed.

If Nyreen dies, revive her because she provides a useful distraction for the mechs, otherwise they will swarm you and you can soon become overwhelmed. Make sure to pick up the salvage as soon as possible. Keep killing them until Aria tells you to go.

You must now make your way to the exit alone, fighting mechs and soldiers along the way. Watch to your left as the first mechs will approach from there. Dispose of them and keep heading along the left-hand walkways, killing enemies as you go.

You will see some stairs where more enemies are but make sure you kill the last troops before ascending them. When all are down, head up and into the control room. Hit the controls for a cutscene.

You have a choice between shutting it off or rerouting the power. If you're an Engineer you will get a Paragon interrupt to quickly reroute the power.


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