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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Reach The Talon Outpost

Claire Farnworth

Nyreen will now rejoin the fun. In this room is a Shotgun High Velocity Barrel II for you to pick up. Look behind the two large crates for another datapad worth 1500 Credits . Finally get into the elevator and be prepared for another fight.

A lot of mechs will keep coming from the left side. This is not a difficult fight providing you deal with each one swiftly. Stay in the left corner and keep pounding them with powers and bullets, while also taking out any shield generators. Last of all, an Atlas will drop in but with your firepower, he is not a match.

In the right corner is some more salvage of 1500 Credits and further forward is a gap to leap across. You will notice the Hydra Missile Launcher in the middle of the room. It really isn’t necessary to use this for the Atlas as it dies incredibly fast anyway. Pick it up as it will be useful soon.

The Hydra Missile Launcher found here will come in useful in the next fight.

Go through the door and into yet another elevator. Cerberus will cut the power leaving you to flail around in the dark. Shoot the latch and activate the emergency access. Climb up the ladder, turn left and grab the datapad for a further 1500 Credits . Jump up the ledge and drop down the ladder. Keep progressing down until you come to a door.

Phantom Battle (Outside Talon Outpost)

In the next area, take cover along the barricades in front of you so you’re out of sight of the Cerberus troops off to the right. Drop the Hydra for now. They will come from that direction so fill them with bullets. Staying near the back of the room allows you to survey the battlefield and watch for any flanking maneuvers.

After a while, two Phantoms will arrive. Strip their shields and aim for their heads to kill them fast. It is imperative that you drop them quickly as they can become a nuisance and can ambush you. Alternatively, you can use the Hydra on them for a quick resolution.

A final shuttle will arrive so stay near the back again and let them come to you. Make good use of tech powers and Flare for a swift conclusion. On the right near a dead soldier you can find a Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope I.

Don’t forget to pick up the Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope before you go.

Trying to open the door on the far side will result in it staying shut. Quickly turn around as Cerberus troops will attack you from above. They will soon drop in so make sure to kill them speedily so they don’t flank your position.

Eventually two Atlases will start shooting at you but the roof hatch slowly closes on them so just stay in cover and focus on killing the grunts. Eventually the door will open again leaving you free to leave the area.

Talon Outpost

The Talon Company’s Headquarters.

Look to the right to pick up the Shotgun Omni-Blade I. You can also find the Kehri Inverters for the mechanic in a pile of crates to the left. After the cutscene, head for the landing pads.The exits will be blocked by forcefields so stay in cover at the back. You can use the doorway to hide in, only peeking out to attack enemies. Kill the enemies in front, then make your way there. Most of the troops will come from the left side or the back so this position keeps you safe from enemy fire.

Duck into the doorway when you need to reload or recharge your powers. Keep doing this and it will make the fight a piece of cake. There’s two more injured Talons to revive in here but little else of interest so head back to the main doors.

Take cover as mechs and troops are swarming the place. Kill them as normal and eventually an Atlas will drop in. Keep an eye on the troopers while you focus on the Atlas. If you get a chance, kill any troopers that pop their heads out of cover. A cutscene will play after the fight.

Stay near the back in this room and let the enemies come to you.

Make sure you talk to the Elcor Harott who will give you another sidequest. His kiosk is selling mod upgrades and the like so purchase what you need. The High-Velocity Barrels are very useful.

Now talk to the mechanic to complete his mission. You will garner +5 Reputation by doing so. The hacker will also thank you if you talk to her. Lastly, talk to Aria to continue the story. You must meet her and Nyreen by the Med Bay. You can have a last minute conversation with Nyreen before you leave.

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