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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Tuchanka: Turian Platoon

Claire Farnworth

Tuchanka plays host to the most missions on any planet in Mass Effect 3 (left). You can find a couple of new weapons during this mission (right).

Once you’ve landed immediately turn on any organic beating ammo-upgrades on every weapon you’ve got (Cryo, Incinerate etc), now walk forwards and then before going up the ladder, look to your left and grab the SMG Magazine Upgrade Mod from the debris. Head up the ladder and around a couple of corners you’ll run into three Reaper Husks. Drop them all, then scan the salvage they were standing over for a sweet 3,125 Credits .

Climb the ladder, jump across the gap and then pick up the M-9 Tempest SMG from the corpses by the crashed pod. If any of your team are using SMGs, swap it out for this one (it’s got impressive accuracy rates).


The Cannibals have their backs to you, so get closer and snipe them in the back to drop them quickly. Reinforcements will show, so deal with them quickly before getting closer. A new Reaper enemy will appear, a Harvester . These giant dragon-like enemies take a lot of damage, but killing one will nail you an achievement/trophy. You can kill the one in front of you with multiple grenades and a lot of heavy firepower. You’ll earn a bonus 300 XP for downing the bad boy.

Climb the nearby ladder and immediately look to your left at the top for a Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo Mod sitting on the debris. Drop down and run past the corpse for some spare parts that you can scan for a cool 6,250 Credits . Around the corner you can pick up a new Assault Rifle known as the Phaeston . In an alcove to the immediate right there’s an SMG Ultra Lightweight Mod waiting to be picked up.

Slide down the nearby ladder, walk down the left-side of the corridor and open up the Medi-Kit for 100 XP (and any gel if you need it). Just around the corner there’s a battle with Marauders and Cannibals. If you sneak up, you can get the drop on them before they see you, giving you a useful advantage. Even if you managed to kill the last Harvester, another one will reappear here, so try and deal as much damage to it as you can.

After it flies away, go down the corridor to your right, drop down the ledge on you left and grab the Hahne-Kedar Chestplate from the fallen pillar on the left. Drop down the gap up ahead and you can listen to the flight recorder for an interesting conversation. To your left (before you turn right, around the corner) there’s a Shotgun Smart Choke Mod to pick up. Just up ahead, three Husks will appear; drop them quickly before sliding down the ladder.

Harvester Reappearance

Around the corner to your left, multiple Cannibals and a couple of Marauders will show up. But so too will the Harvester; you can’t actually kill it yet, so just hurt it enough so it flies away (around the corner no less).

This guy doesn’t give up easily, does he? Watch out for the tell-tale red glow just before he shoots at you (right).

Stay behind cover and pick off the ground Reapers, but watch out as you turn the left corner as the Harvester will try and kill you with it’s very accurate - and lethal - balls of death. Hitting it enough from a distance will cause it to fly away again. Now just finish off any Reapers and restock up on ammo before turning the corner.

Just after dropping down a small ledge, scan the Medi-Kit for 100 XP on the ground to your right, and just up ahead (after dropping down the bigger ledge), there’s a Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel Mod waiting for you to grab. Just around the next corner is the final battle, and it’s a pretty tough one, so watch our video below (if you can) for the easiest way to win.

This battle consists of Marauders, Cannibals, a Brute and, finally, a Harvester. Stay behind cover initially and use your enhanced-ammo to drain the health of the Cannibals and - ideally - use a sniper rifle or similar to take the heads off the Marauders for insta-kills.

Be wary of the multiple grenades flying your way (courtesy of the Cannibals), so dive behind cover as their combined firepower will put you down if you’re out in the open. Soon enough a Brute will appear from the far corner; use this distance to get as much preliminary damage on it as possible, then when it gets close, switch to the best close-mid range weapon you’ve got and put it out of its misery for good.

Finish off any remaining Marauders and Cannibals and when you hear that a Harvester has appeared, it’s time for a sweet 1-shot kill. Make a run straight and then to the immediate right where you’ll find a Reaper Blackstar just resting casually on a pillar.

Set your AI teammates to cover your ass from the Cannibals and now pick this up, look up at the Harvester and fire it to kill the Harvester in a single shot, finishing the mission. Your reward is +10 Reputation Points, +2 Paragon/Renegade Points and 12,500 Credits .

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