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N7: Cerberus Fighter Base

Claire Farnworth

As soon as you land you’ll trigger off a fire fight, but if you stay near to where you land, there’s an ammo refill point behind you. There’ll be enemies on the helipad to your left (Centurions and Assault) and several Assaults will drop down from the ledge in the distance. Pick them off with ammo-enhanced weapons (preferably ones with scopes to keep your distance).

The landing pad will be filled with Cerberus troops as soon as you set foot on the base. Look on top of walkways as well (right).

There’s a doorway just up ahead; scan the red barrels just outside it for 2,000 Credits , run down into the building and in here there’s a Medical Station for XP, and a Pistol Magazine Upgrade Mod on a seat near the medical station.

Around the corner there’ll be more troops dug in, so pick off all the Assault Troopers hiding behind the computer terminals; scan the salvage to your right for another 2,000 Credits. The computer the troops were hiding behind can be scanned for an additional 2,000 Credits , if you nip outside to your left, in the corner is more salvage worth 2,000 Credits . Now turn right, and head down the walkway on the left for a Medi-Kit worth XP and more salvage, again worth 2,000 Credits .

Inside, if you look across from your current objective, there’s some very easily missed Heating Unit Schematics (needed for the side mission Citadel: Heating Unit ). Assign one of your team to unlock the panel and in doing so, more guards will appear.

Protect Your Colleague

A solid tactic to keep your teammate alive, is to tell them to take cover behind the computer panels opposite the person currently hacking the panel. If you take cover behind the crates near the panel, you’ve a great vantage point over the opposite entrance.

Fight the hordes of Cerberus troops that storm the room from all sides (left) then make your way to the landing pad and beware of the Atlas (right) coming your way.

Guardian, Centurion and Assault troops are the order of the day, and their usual disposal tactics apply here. Your armour-destroying ammo-enhancers will whittle their health away quite rapidly, allowing you to use a close-mid range weapon.

Activate the other terminal when requested and in doing so, you’ll trigger a large enemy drop by the landing pad outside.

Our preferred tactic here, is to stay inside and go left around the corners, have your colleagues cover the ramp up and you use the lip of the ramp as your eyeline to your targets. Watch out for the Nemesis that shows (make her your top priority), then kill the Engineers, then the Centurions leaving the Assault plebs until last.

When the last trooper is gone, you’ll face up against an Atlas Mech on the landing pad; if you take cover at the top of the landing pad (and assign your team to do the same), you’ve got plenty of cover to chip away at its health. A forceful combo of grenades (or, in our video, breaking out of cloak with Assault Rifle-led armour-piercing rounds) should do the trick nicely. Your reward is +5 Reputation Points and 10,000 Credits .


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