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The Assault On Afterlife

Claire Farnworth

You can use the weapon bench for any changes before you go. Pick up the Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope on your way but be careful when you get near Bray as mechs will be closing in. When you’re ready kill the mechs ahead and then go left.

You must keep moving or you will be shot from behind. Deal with the reinforcements quickly, all the while checking behind for any stragglers trying to kill you. Make steady progress and just be aware of the next group of troops who arrive.

When all are down they will blow up the catwalk so you need to extend the dam from the control room. Head in there, extend the dam and go across. Head left to pick up a datapad for 1500 Credits and then go down the ladder.

Don't forget to go down the ladder here to collect Aria's couch and finish Harrott's quest.

You will find Aria’s Couch here to complete the Harrott sidequest and unlock the Meticulous trophy/achievement providing you have completed the other sidequests. Bypass the door and go to the next one.

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Complete all the Command Center side-missions on Omega.

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Round the corner and attack the Cerberus troops. Guardians have been placed at every corner so kill them all and open the green door to pick up 1500 Credits . Open the other door and slide down the ramp.

Deactivate the fan to proceed and jump the gap. You will be attacked again so take cover and remove the distraction. Watch out for Engineers putting up Turrets. When the area is secured, press the controls.

Bomb Disposal

This is another tricky fight as the space is circular with enemies trying to stop you on all sides. Infiltrators have the easiest time as they can cloak while disarming the bombs. Everyone else must keep their wits about them.

Run to the nearest bomb and take out any enemies in the vicinity. Disarm it and move to the next bomb, watching for mechs and other enemies. Make good use of tech powers and Flare to stop them getting in your way.

You have plenty of time to disarm the bombs so try not to panic and make measured shots. Plan out each attack, checking first for the nearest enemy and any other threats. Infiltrators can just cloak and run to complete it in record time.

If Aria dies, revive her. Don’t get too distracted trying to disarm a bomb surrounded by enemies. Move to the next one and come back to it. Always be on the move between bombs to avoid being swarmed. Once you have them all, clear out the rest of the troops.

There’s only ammo and Med Kits in the room so talk to Aria. After the cutscene run to the exit. Pick up the Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel and climb the ladder. On the left, pick up 1500 Credits . Now climb the ladder and go through the door where an Adjutant will kill a trooper.

Go to the next door and then through another to find a locker with 1500 Credits. Descend the stairs and if you want, you can listen to a video log detailing the background on Adjutants. To the right is another 1500 Credits . Go through the door and Aria will open the way.

Open the door and take cover so you can deal with the new threat. An Atlas will drop in after a while so make it a priority. Use tech powers to whittle it’s health down. If it gets too close, move out of it’s way or Sabotage it to momentarily stop it firing.

There is a Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel in this room just before the ladder you need to climb.

Clear them out and head up the ladder on your left to find 1500 Credits in a room. Now you can bypass the door to head into the slums. Pick up the datapad on the left for 1500 Credits . In the next room is the final Pistol Heavy Barrel and another door.

Examine the Cerberus Trooper near the wreckage for 1500 Credits and make your way to the door. Take cover in the doorway; take out the Turret first and then kill the others. In the next area, examine the junk ahead for 1500 Credits.

Grab the lab equipment for 1200 Credits and use the weapon bench if you need to. This is the last chance before the final battle so if you have a decent shotgun like the Venom, equip that now. You will be doing a lot of close-quarters fighting so it will come in handy. When you’re ready go through the door.

Pick up the Shotgun Omni-Blade near the Talon sentries before heading to the final door and into the elevator. After the cutscene, grab the datapad near the shuttle on the left for 1200 Credits and follow Aria.

Before you rush after Aria, check here first for a datapad worth some Credits.

The Final Battle

This is it. The final fight. And what a tough one it is. Aria is trapped in a containment field and must be freed as quickly as possible otherwise she will die and you will fail the mission. From the starting position, run up the stairs on the right to the first generator. Activate it and the shield will rise, allowing you to shoot it.

There are four in all and much like the bomb disposal, you must keep moving. Adjutants, Nemeses and Troopers will all try and stop you so be very wary. This is where the shotgun comes in handy as you can clear out any enemy that gets too close.

Move around the room in a circular fashion, checking for or killing enemies along the way. After each shield has been destroyed, Aria will let off a biotic explosion to try and override the system. This will take out some enemies so use it to your advantage but do not get caught in it yourself.

Destroy the generators from up here because otherwise you will be damaged by Aria's biotics. Enemies are few and far between up here as well.

Once Aria is freed, the fight becomes a lot easier. Run to her position and take note of where all the enemies are. You can see the room well from here, allowing you to plan your attacks. The best thing to do now is run up a staircase away from the enemies and take cover at the top.

Now you can use your powers and pop heads at your leisure. Keep a careful eye on any potential flanking movements, moving from cover to cover when necessary and you will clear up with ease. Once the last enemy is down, the fight is over and you will be rewarded with 15000 Credits . Time to clean up, Aria.

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Free Omega from Cerberus occupation

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You will gain the Omega Raiding Fleet and the Omega Eezo Hoard war assets and unlock the Lash and Flare abilities in the Med Bay. Depending on your actions in the final scenes, you will either get a third asset or an update to the Alliance First Fleet.


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