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Claire Farnworth

You can now finally have some time off from all the killing and explosions. Joker suggests you throw a party to celebrate. You need to purchase some supplies from the Casino Bar but first check the Private Terminal for some messages from your friends.

Everyone wants a piece of Shepard it seems, so head out to the Silversun Strip to find them. You can purchase furnishings for the apartment at Home Spun just outside if you wish to liven up the place. When you’re done, take the elevator out to the Strip.

This is where you can buy furnishings for the apartment.

Meet Friends And Purchase Party Supplies

Most people will want to head straight to the Armax Arena as there are three trophies/achievements up for grabs there. Most of your time on the Strip will be spent there so if you wish to do that now, go to the next section.

Catching Up

If you have had emails from them, you can meet various members of your crew out on the Silversun Strip. You can meet Jacob, Traynor and Zaeed in the Arcade. Javik will want to meet in the Lower Silversun Strip and a C-Sec Officer will ask you to see him about Grunt around here too.

Cortez can be found near the Rapid Transit while Jack wants to meet in the Armax Arena. Miranda and Kasumi will want to meet in the Casino and you can also meet Garrus, Joker and later Wrex in the bar upstairs. If Ashley survives, she can also be met here. All the others can be invited to the apartment via the private terminal.

Sadly you can only watch Kepesh-Yakshi.

Castle Arcade

You can play three games here namely Shattered Eezo, Claw and Relay Defense. If you want to obtain the other weapon mods, you must either get them from the orange balls in the Claw or beat the high score in the other two. The easiest method is the Claw.

If Zaeed is alive in your game, you must first talk to him before you can play. All you have to do is move the hand over the ball you want and confirm. You have 20 seconds to choose a prize and will always win something no matter what.

Learn the patterns to the colour changes and time your grab just right. It may take a few tries but with a bit of luck you can get it right. If you get a purple ball, you will win the Plush Volus toy. The green and blue balls have music tracks for the apartment in. Once you have all the prizes, you will only earn credits. 250 for green, 500 for blue, 750 for purple and 1000 for orange.

If you get an orange ball you will win a weapon mod.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

King of the Castle

Win a prize at one of the arcade games.

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Shattered Eezo is not hard to play yet it is difficult to master. Watch the opponent’s movements carefully and plan your attacks accordingly. Like anything, practise makes perfect.

The same can be said for Relay Defense. Keep a steady stream of ships going to the relay while keeping a close eye on any enemy ships. If you get desperate you can send some of them on suicide runs to stop some of the enemy’s ships but this tactic should be used as a last resort. You will eventually learn when to attack and when to defend.

Once you’ve finished with your friends, purchase the party supplies from the Casino bar and head back to the apartment to begin the festivities. Invite who you want and then talk to Glyph when you’re done.

Lets Party!

There really is no right way to play this next bit. The outcome is entirely in your hands so pick the options you think best. The energetic party does yield more amusing outcomes though, it has to be said. Just go around talking to all of your guests and have fun.

The energetic party can get a bit rowdy.

In the morning Shepard will wake up with his/her love interest if they have one. You will gain the Team Spirit War Asset . Check to make sure your guests are still alive and then head out when you’re ready. A final cutscene makes the perfect send-off for a wonderful and incredible story.

Farewell and into the inevitable.

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Perfect Host

Throw a party for your friends.

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For years, a lone soldier has told tales of the Reapers, of their return, of these sentient machines reaching out across the vastness of space, to harvest all sentient life. But the warnings were all for nothing. Until now. The Reapers have at last come to Earth and these warnings can no longer be ignored. You are Commander Shepard, the first human spectre and elite soldier of the Alliance, tasked with uniting the galaxy in the fight to stop the Reapers destroying everything you hold dear. In your hands lies the fate of the entire Milky Way but luckily, this time, you are no longer alone.

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