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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Citadel (First Visit)

Claire Farnworth

When you first arrive at the Citadel, you’re given the choice to visit your injured teammate. Even though you don’t have to, visiting them now can make a big difference later on in the game (and is also a required step should you wish to romance them later on).

The Citadel itself consists of multiple floors (only two are available on your first visit), each of which will soon provide you with numerous fetch-quest side missions (scan a planet for an item/team and bring it back, or picking up items mid-mission and return them). This’ll increase your overall war assets, reputation and credits earned.

We’ve listed every side mission and detailed every single asset to be found in every galaxy you come across (more open up as the story progresses). Bear in mind though, that all side missions eventually ‘time-out’, so the sooner you can do them, the better. However, the game doesn’t actually tell you when the planet you need to visit is actually available for scanning, and unfortunately, some missions require you to complete them immediately upon starting them, otherwise they’ll glitch out and you’ll lose your chance (we’ve labelled these specific side missions for you in our guide).

Diane Allers is another romance option and War Asset for your crew.

You’ll start off in the Docking bay, so turn around and speak to Diane Allers. You can offer her a run on your ship and, if you like, male or female Shepard can romance her later on (but to be honest, it’s a pretty non-existent experience, certainly compared to the other main characters in the game). You’ll also earn a new War Asset for inviting her on board.

After heading to the hospital and seeing your injured colleague, buy the Medi-Gel expansion from the shop terminal opposite the receptionist for 3,000 credits. Now go to the embassies floor and speak with Bailey in his office to earn youself additional reputation points.

Make your way into the room near Bailey’s and you’ll trigger a cutscene with the council. Once it’s finished, make your way back to the lift and you’ll be stopped by the reporter that was in Bailey’s office earlier. You can interrupt her with a Renegade or a Paragon option, and if it’s the Paragon choice, she’ll join you as a War Asset. Make your way back to the Docking Bay and you’ll trigger a dream sequence.

Simply follow the boy around the woods and you’ll eventually wake up realising it was all a nightmare.

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