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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Priority: Thessia

Claire Farnworth

The Reapers have at last reached Liara’s homeworld of Thessia.

Speak with the Asari councillor in the Citadel to trigger off this mission. When you land on the ground, take the time to pick up a few items before beginning the mission proper. There’s an Umbra Visor case laying beside the bodies in the middle of the floor; pick this up and then scan the supplies by the pillar just in front of you for 4,500 Credits . Now speak to Lieutenant Kurin to start the mission off.

Protect the Barrier

Jump up to the turret and pick off the Brutes that come out of the opening up and to the left of where you are. Also keep an eye out for Husks to your immediate left; they can sneak up to the barrier sapping it of energy without you even realising that they are there! Once they’re all dead, you can earn Paragon or Renegade points in the cutscene that plays out.

Head to the Next Objective

When you reach halfway up the bridge, two Marauders and a few Cannibal Reapers will show up; drop the Marauders first, then finish off the Cannibals. Run up to where the Reapers appeared and head around the corner into an open space.

Several Cannibals and Marauders will appear, but stay where you are for now as there’s a few explosive spore pods dotted around the area and getting too close to those can be bad for your health.

Stay behind cover and only move up as the enemies appear further away in the courtyard. There’s a Medi-Kit in the entranceway of the building on your right and there’s another one directly opposite at the other end of the courtyard.

Banshee Battle

There’s also a hidden Hydra Missile Launcher located near this left-hand Medi-Kit, and it’s there for a reason. Pick it up and push forwards until a Banshee bursts out of the building in front of you. Line it up, hold fire and once the Banshee stops dashing, let her have a face full of missile for a one-hit kill. Nice. Now get behind cover and kill the remaining Reapers before heading inside the building.

Look out for the Hydra Missile Launcher (left) and use it on the Banshee that arrives. Clean up the other Reapers afterwards.

When dropping off the small ledge inside the building, look on the ground to your left for a terminal worth 7,500 Credits . When you head into the open where the Asari sniper is located, drop the Cannibals then before speaking to the sniper. Hang a right and tucked away near a doorway is a Broken Shotgun you can scan for 3,000 Credits .

Sniper Nest Battle

Once you walk up the ramp to the sniper, be ready for a battle with Reapers to kick off. Take cover and immediately look for the Reaper shield barrier hooked up to the wall in the background. You can pick up the nearby M-98 Widow sniper rifle (an excellent, powerful rifle) if you don’t already have one equipped (and if you do have one already with you, the chances are it may already be better than this one). There’s also a Sniper Rifle Concentration Module and a Medi-Kit nearby as well.

Use your elevated position to pick off the Marauders and the Cannibals once the barrier has been destroyed - use your best weapon or biotic powers to wear them down and the AI sniper will also kill a few for you. When the coast is clear, drop down, stock up on ammo, run through the broken wall and hang a left (climbing up all the ledges as you go).

Banshee Battle Two

When this battle kicks off, make it easier on yourself by grabbing the Hydra Missile Launcher that’s pretty much right at your feet! Lock onto the Banshee and send her back to where she came from in one fell swoop. Now take cover, destroy the Reaper shield barrier and pick off the remaining Marauders and Ravager with much less interference.

Another strategically placed Missile Launcher can be used to blow the Banshee sky high (left). Watch out for the Ravager on high ground (right).

Run up the broken wreckage and near the Spore Pod you see in front of you on the walkway, look right and on the ground there’s an Assault Rifle Extended Barrel for you to collect. You’ll now go up against multiple Marauders, Husks and even a couple of Harvesters! Also, look for the Reaper shield barrier perched on the far wall in the distance; if you can zoom in and destroy this, it’ll make this encounter more tolerable.

Thankfully, you don’t have to kill the Harvesters (although with your fully upgraded weapons, they’re much easier to kill now), you simply need to hold out long enough for the gunship to distract them. Before you head to the temple itself, look to the ammo stash opposite the Temple lock; there’s an SMG Heat Sink here for the taking. Now let Liara bypass the Temple lock to head inside.

Asari Temple

Grab the Medi-Kit from the floor for XP and any gel if needed, then head up to the base of the statue in front of you. You’ll trigger a conversation where you can earn Paragon or Renegade points, so decide as required and then you need to find three connections to unlock the power within the statue.

The first one is the Prothean stone bust to Shepard’s right, the second is the shield looking directly opposite the statue (near the entrance to the Temple), the third is the manuscript page in the far left corner. Activate the beacon at the statue to trigger the next cutscene.

The Prothean bust (left) is one of the connections. Activating the beacon (right) triggers a cutscene and a battle against a persistent adversary.

Activating this will trigger off an important conversation with an old ‘friend’. During this conversation, if your Paragon points are high enough, you get additional persuasion options if you ask ‘Why?’ as your first question. If you continue to generate ‘persuasion’ options in your additional conversations, then you’ll be offered a unique choice right at the end. So bear this in mind when starting this conversation.

As long as you’ve got upgraded weapons (especially a sniper rifle), you can make this battle a non-starter for Kai. You only need to drop his shield far enough to force him into calling for backup, so just do this three times to end the battle.

If your weapons aren’t that powerful, then use the strongest anti-armour biotic powers you have at your disposal and dodge his attacks (remembering to take cover when he calls for backup).

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