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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Efficient Planet Scanning (Part 2)

Claire Farnworth

Minos Wasteland

The Fortis ** solar system contains several planets so scan just south of the Mass Relay (near the planet Pietas ) for a cool 10,000 Credits . You’ll also have uncovered a fuel wreckage harbouring 200 Units of Fuel .

Later on it also holds the entrance to a key storyline mission, but this won’t appear until the mission is accepted.

Ismar Frontier

The Aquila solar system is holding the Advanced Biotic Implants (providing +5% to either biotic power damage or cooldown time) on its planet Metaponto . Apart from a Fuel Depot for buying fuel, there’s nothing else of interest here.

The Shrike Abyssal

Inside the Xe Cha solar system set your scanners to work just south of its sun. This should unveil two locales for the taking: the planet Zada Ban ** (where you can find 10,000 Credits ) and the fuel wreckage that grants you an additional 150 Units of Fuel .

Flying to the solar system Urla Rast ** will uncover two areas for you to plunder if you scan to the east of the planet Talis Fia . The planet itself yields the Prothean Obelisk (that you can take back to the Citadel to complete the side-mission Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk ). The fuel wreckage contains 350 Units of Fuel .

Ninmah Cluster

Even though there’s a Fuel Depot here, unnecessary scanning will result in Reapers finding your location in the Maskim Xul solar system. Instead, make your way to the Mulla Xul solar system (takes approx 370 units of fuel each way). The planet Utukku ** holds the missing Krogan scouts (if you’ve yet to complete that mission). There’s no assets here to scan for so don’t waste your time looking.

There’s not much here but some Credits and fuel and later, a story mission (left). Other than a story mission, there isn’t much else here (right).

Arcturus Stream

In this galaxy you’ll find the solar system Arcturus ** which - if you scan and enter - holds ‘Intel from the Battle of Arcturus’ (this will grant you either +5% Weapon Damage Bonus or +5% Shield Strength Bonus). Scanning to the West of planet Themis ** will uncover a fuel wreckage worth 350 Units of Fuel .

Travelling to the solar system Euler ** will allow you to participate in the N7: Cerberus Abductions mission (found on the planet Benning). If you scan just East of the Arcturus ** entrance, you’ll uncover a fuel wreck providing 100 Units of Fuel .

Gemini Sigma

In the solar system Han , scan the planet Mavigon ** for 10,000 Credits. There’s also a fuel wreck to be found (worth 470 Units of Fuel ) if you scan South-West of the Mass Relay (but you’ll likely trigger any nearby Reapers, so don’t scan until you actually need the fuel).

The nearby solar system Ming ** contains an asset on the planet Parag; scan it then send a probe down for a new War Asset - The Alliance Cruiser Nairobi . There’s also a hidden fuel wreck located directly South of the planet Antiroprus ** worth 320 Units of Fuel .

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