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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Priority: Mars

Claire Farnworth

First things first, once you land you’ll want to save the game and then upgrade you and your teams stats. Head into the upgrade menu and then pick the upgrades that compliment your character class. As ours is Infiltrator, we’ve gone for Operational Mastery and Tactical Cloak (for the additional damage boost when breaking out of cloak). Upgrade your characters as well so you get the benefit early on.

Run down the hill, then drop down to the level below where the people carrier is resting. Go left and take up cover as there’s a number of Cerberus troops hanging around below. Once you pick off your first Assault Trooper, the rest will know you’re there, so make sure you’re behind the cover at the top of the hill.

Pick each of them off one-by-one and then refill your ammo from any refill pods left on the ground. Be ready for a second wave of Cerberus troops as you reach the crates just up ahead. Like before, cover is your friend and pick them off methodically, then head inside the research facility and hit the button to trigger a cut-scene.

New Squad Member

Liara is a great biotic asset and can be fully romanced. Her Singularity is a fantastic tool at funneling enemies by blocking off certain avenues.

With Liara on your side, use her Singularity power on the troops up above to lift them in the air, use Concussive Shot from your other teammate to hit them hard and without a bullet spent. Once they’re all dead, look behind the personnel carrier for the Vehicle Lift Controls . This’ll create a platform for you, so run up the ramp to your left, climb up onto the crates, restock your ammo and then jump across to the platform to the other side.

After opening the door, you’ll enter a room with four Assault guards and if you sneak up behind the first guard, you can press Melee for an instant-kill from behind (although the other guards will know where you are now).

Use Singularity and Warp Ammo for biotic combos as well as raw bullet power to take all four of them down. When you enter the next room, get ready for a mini treasure-trove of goodies to pick up and keep.

On a chair to your right, there’s a datapad you can read for 75 XP. Inside the main control room on your left, you can pick up the Ariake Technologies Gauntlets , there’s a new pistol by the feet of the dead guard, the M-4 Shuriken (you should equip this for Liara, unless you have N7 DLC weapons, which are already superior). There’s also a Medi-Kit behind you for XP and gel if you need it. Use the security console to trigger the next cut-scene.

To the Exterior Airlock

Open the two doors and when you’re back outside, slide down the ladder and collect the Kassa Fabrication Chestplate from the trolley by the ladder. Head up the ramp, jump across the gap and when you enter the facility again, your light will come on automatically so you can see in the dark.

Check the datapad on the floor for 75 XP , then head downstairs where you’ll see Cerberus troops on the other side of the glass. Line up a skull-busting headshot but be aware that once you execute it, the other guards will know where you are. Use your guns and/or teams biotic powers to make light work of the troops.

Look behind you on the kitchen counter for an SMG Scope , then jump over to where the troops were and head into the right-hand room. There’s ammo in here, along with a Medical Station for XP and gel - now access the panel to move the story forward.

Head through the next door and before you use the weapon bench on your right, grab the SMG Ultralight Materials (so you can add it to your loadout now if needed). Examine the datapad at the bottom of the stairs for an easy 75 XP and get ready for a fight with new Cerberus enemies.

Guardians’ shields can be removed with Singularity or Concussive Shot. Centurions’ shields can be breached with Overload or Disruptor ammo.

The Guardians use a shield to deflect your shots, so powers like Concussive Shot, or Singularity will hurt them (and Singularity will lift them away from their shields completely). Alternatively, careful aim can slot a bullet right between the gap, resulting in the rewarding dislodgment of their heads if it kills them. Centurions have additional armour, so headshots are also preferable on these troops as well.

There’s a fair few troops down the long corridor on the left, so stay behind cover and use your line of sight to line up biotic powers or headshots if your weapon has a scope. Move forwards, whilst always going from cover to cover.

When they’re all dead, head to the decontamination room, stand by the right panel and wait for the beam to be as far right as possible. This will allow you to pick up all the collectibles in the next room with no hassle. There’s a Shotgun High Calibre Barrel , a datapad worth 75 XP, a Medi-Kit and a Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel .

Proceed outside, hang a left and then around the corner there’s a new weapon to be found; an M-23 Katana shotgun.

Turrets can decimate your team in seconds so cover is a must. Get behind them to kill them quickly or Overload them to disable their weaponry.

To get past the turret here, you need to use your quick cover commands to zig-zag from each side of the room so you’re always behind cover. Once you get in front of the turret, roll left from cover to cover until you’re behind the turret and it can’t hit you.

Inside the next room are a bunch of troops that don’t look too happy to see you, so take cover behind the wall near the door and pick each of them off one-by-one. Use your teams combined biotic powers to make shorter work of them.

Restock up on ammo, open the Medi-Kit for XP and gel, and pick up a Sniper Rifle Concentration Module in the shelf to your left. Scan the datapad for 75 XP and then activate the main turret controls to trigger the next cut-scene.

Flank the Guards

Assign one of your team to where the game indicates on the lower floor. Now send your other teammate behind a set of crates to the far right - if you take position up in the middle, then you can easily wipe out the Guardian, Centurion and Assault troops that show up.

Make your way onto the tram and about halfway down you’ll trigger a booby trap - immediately take cover as there’s a welcoming committee trying to shoot at you from the other side. Pick them off before their tram lines up with yours (otherwise they may throw grenades your way, making them difficult to dodge). Jump across into their tram, start it up and be ready for the fight at the end.

Get out of the tram and get behind the lower portion of cover outside (to the right of the tram), this gives you room to see the whole area and move out of the way of grenades if you have to. Pick off the Assault Troopers using your team’s biotic powers and your trusty firearms (or your own powers if that’s your class), and when enough of them have been killed, three Guardians and a Centurion will come out from hiding in the other room.

You can shoot the Guardians through the opening in their shields, but this is easier when your cloak has been upgraded some more. Instead, use Liara’s Singularity to make them drop their shields, making them much easier targets. Keep the teamwork going until all of them have been eliminated.

Before entering the door up ahead, take the time to grab the Shotgun Shredder Mod from the right-hand shelving, the M-15 Vindicator (which, incidentally, is the best Assault Rifle until near the very end of the game) and there’s a Medical Station nearby for XP and gel.

Catch Dr. Eva!

The Illusive Man has some interesting conversation options. Pay close attention to what questions you can ask him. (left) Chase Dr Eva until you get a cutscene where she jumps into a shuttle. (right)

When speaking to The Illusive Man, you’re given a chance to ask a question from the left - doing this will provide a persuasion option. If you maintain this for every conversation with him, it can provide a surprising outcome later on.

Either way, after the cut-scene is over, hold the run button and give chase to the Cerberus assailant. She’ll try and slow you down by closing the doors, but be ready to press the action button whilst still holding run. As long as you aren’t too slow, she’ll effectively wait a few seconds for you to catch up in each area. Don’t let up once and when you reach the upper platform, take aim at her head and drop her before she gets too close to kill you (it’ll take around 5-6 shots to do this). This’ll end your mission on Mars. You’ll bag 35,000 credits and reputation points for your troubles. Good work, Commander.

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