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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Citadel Side Missions (Act 1)

Claire Farnworth

Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula

Located on the N7: Cerberus Lab mission, this objective is hidden away in a room at the centre of the research facility. If you enter the right-hand entrance and look left, run up the stairs and then take a right into the small room, the gel is sitting there on the desk. Give this gel to Dr. Ravin in the Citadel hospital reception for 30 XP , 1,000 Credits and a new War Asset - Hanar and Drell Forces .

Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces

This amp interface can only be found during the side-mission ’ Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation’ (which you can unlock by speaking to Specialist Traynor on the Normandy). After battling through the main open courtyard (both sides), a nearby corridor holds a terminal that you can scan in front of a door.

This terminal holds the Amp Interface data that you need. Take it back to the Asari in the medical bay of the Citadel and you’ll be rewarded with 30 XP, 3,000 Credits, +5 Reputation points and an improved War Asset - Citadel Defence Force .

Collect the amp interface (left) and give it to the Asari in the hospital. While there you can finish another mission (right) by speaking to the scientist if you collected the Advanced Biotic Implants.

Citadel: Banner of the First Regiment

This artifact can be found on the planet Digeris (Castellus Solar System in Apien Crest); you’ll be rewarded with a new Citadel artifact ’ Banner of the 1st Regiment ‘. Hand this over to the officer sitting in a seat to the right of the bar in Purgatory. You’ll be rewarded with +5 Paragon and a new War Asset - Turian Seventh Fleet .

Citadel: Krogan Dying Message

During the Attican Traverse: The Rachni mission, there’s an alcove on your left as you turn a corner (just before you drop down and face your first Ravager). Take this note to the assistant on the Citadel (by the Meridian Place shop). Speak to her and listen to the note left for her to complete the mission and earn yourself 90 XP and +5 Reputation Points .

Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk

Head to the Shrike Abyssal galaxy and in the solar system Urla Rast scan the planet Talis Fia . The planet itself holds the Prothean Obelisk . Your reward is an impressive 20,000 Credits and +5 Reputation points .

Citadel: Hanar Diplomat

Speak to the Salarian standing outside Commander Bailey’s door, then enter the Spectre room, log in to the left terminal and activate the ‘Hanar Embassy Tracking’ file (top e-mail). Now immediately **** head to the first terminal located on the same floor as you’re on now, run down the stairs and straight across (near the Turian guard) is the terminal.

The second one is located near the entrance of the Docks: Holding area, the third can be found further down the holding area (close to bay E28) and this terminal will tell you to go back to the previous one near the entrance.

Go back to Jondum and the resulting cutscene will provide a conversation interrupt decision. Save the person or the whole homeworld? Make your choice - quickly - and you’ll earn appropriate Reputation points and War Assets based on your decision.

Citadel: GX12 Thermal Pipe

On the Normandy, speak to Engineer Adams who’ll ask you to retrieve a part for your ship. Head to the Citadel and purchase the E-Gel Thermal Conduit at the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk located at the Bank in the Presidium Commons for 1,000 Credits, or you can order the part for 1,100 Credits from a terminal on the Normandy’s shuttle bay if you have already visited the kiosk (quickest option by far). You’ll get +5 Reputation Points in return for your purchase.

Benning: Evidence

During the N7: Cerberus Abductions mission, look for a set of Dog Tags on the ground; pick them up and after completing the mission, take them back to the man on the Citadel standing near the window in the embassies sector. He’ll thank you and you’ll earn 90 XP and +5 Reputation Points .

You can purchase information on the ambassador’s son at the Spectre terminal (left). When you’ve acquired the tags, give them to the ambassador (right).

Citadel: Improved Power Grid

These can be found in the control room during the mission N7: Cerberus Attack. Grab them before finishing the mission and give it to Alison outside Purgatory to complete this side quest and earn yourself 30 XP, 1,000 Credits, +5 Reputation Points and an improved War Asset - Alliance Fifth Fleet.

Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components

A scientist in the Hospital ward of the Citadel is needing prototype parts that can be located if you fly to the Ismar Frontier galaxy and then look inside the Aquila solar system which is holding Advanced Biotic Implants (providing +5% to either biotic power damage or cooldown time) on its planet Metaponto . Talking to the scientist located directly opposite from where your injured colleague is resting in the Citadel hospital will net you 90 XP .

Speak to Alison to after getting the power grid components during the N7: Cerberus Attack mission (left). The information broker Barla Von has a mission for you (right).

Citadel: Heating Units

Found during the N7: Cerberus Fighter Base mission, you can grab the schematics from a panel directly opposite the panel you had to hack. Take them to the C-Sec officer in Presidium Commons (he’s overlooking the lower levels). You’ll be rewarded with 30 XP, 10,000 Credits and an improvement to your War Assets .

Citadel: Barla Von

Speak to Liara first in the Commons section of the Citadel and she’ll tell you to speak to the trader known as Barla Von. He needs a team rescuing that can help you in the war, so go to the Krogan DMZ galaxy once it appears and head into the solar system of Dranek ** and scan the planet Rothla ** for Shadow Broker Wet Squad. Go back to speak with Barla for your reward of 120 XP and +5 Reputation Points .

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