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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

N7: Cerberus Lab

Claire Farnworth

Speaking to Traynor on the Normandy will unlock this mission for you. The N7 range of missions are effectively the multiplayer maps turned into small, condensed objective missions, and there’s always an item hidden in each map that’s required to complete a side mission in the Citadel (we point these out for you in our guide, so don’t worry).

Upon starting the mission, go inside to your left and scan the console for 3,000 credits; if you then look left there’s a room just up the ramp and to your right. Inside here there’s a Failed Medi-Gel Experiment you can collect for one of the Citadel’s side missions a bit later on (Note: you won’t be able to come back here to get it if you miss it this time).

A Reaper Artifact can be found here (left). The Failed Medi-Gel Experiment you can collect is for one of the Citadel’s side missions a bit later on (right).

Double back out to where you were dropped off and run up the ramp opposite; tucked away in the corner of the archway (on the floor), you’ll find a Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope to pick up. Be quick, then take cover before a shootout takes place.

Most enemy fire will come from your upper-right side, so pick these guys off from a distance where possible. Use your teams biotic powers to maximise the damage dealt and when it’s all clear, it’s time to do a spot of item collecting.

Pick n Mix

To the right of the entrance you just came in is a terminal you can scan for 3,000 credits , and around the corner to your left there’s a Medical Station for XP and gel. In the upper-left corner there’s a journal entry you can read for 18 XP and in the far right corner (where the troops previously were), there’s another terminal hiding 4,000 credits from you.

Now go to the terminal holding the containment system and activate it to release the Reaper artifact. Take this back to the ship and head back inside via the right door.

When you see an Engineer, make them a priority target! (left). You can sometimes prevent turrets being placed by killing these guys quickly enough. Otherwise, Turrets become very dangerous (right).

Stand behind the glass panel as this provides cover overlooking the location of where the Engineers (there’s two of them here) will always attempt to leave a turret (Engineers can also repair damaged turrets or even replace destroyed ones). When you see an Engineer, make them a priority target! You can sometimes prevent turrets being placed by killing these guys quickly enough.

More troops will convene on this location, so be ready to either pick them off at a distance, or wait for them to come up the nearby ramp and get close. If a turret is dropped, stay in cover and pick it off with powers as it can mow you down in mere seconds.

Once the coast is clear, you can scan a terminal in the right-hand corner for a journal entry worth 18 XP , then activate the containment system bypass terminal. This time, a couple of Assault Troopers will come in from above, so take cover and pick both of them off.

There will also be additional Cerberus troops inside the base now, so after grabbing the second artifact, be careful as you make your way back to the landing pad.

You need to hold off the Cerberus assault as they send in Engineers, Guardians, Centurions and Assault Troopers to your location. A good idea is to head outside now and take up position near the top ramp (having your team covering the door to your left), meaning that once Cortez arrives, you can just make a dash for it to end the mission.

Be careful though, each change in dialogue with Cortez means a new wave of tougher enemies will start showing up. When the Engineers begin turning up, you’ll know that you’re now not too far from the ship arriving. Once it’s here, you only need to press the action button at the door to complete it. A successful mission will earn you +5 Reputation points and 10,000 credits .

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