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Monster Hunter World

Black Diablos

Nathan Garvin

Black Diablos General Information

You should unlock the quest Two-horned Hostility after the expedition to the Elder’s Recess, which is the only quest in the game that tasks you with hunting down a lone Black Diablos in its natural environs. The optional quest Special Arena: HR Black Diablos should unlock after defeating Black Diablos in another quest, while RRRRRumble in the Waste! tasks you with hunting both a High Rank Diablos and a Black Diablos in one go, as is part of an optional questline that involves you completing NPC tasks in order to unlock new beverages at the Canteen. This particular quest should start after completing the quest A Sore Site.

General Information .
Type Flying Wyvern
Quests Two-horned Hostility (7*), RRRRRumble in the Waste! (7*), Special Arena: HR Black Diablos (7*)
Variants High Rank / Tempered (Threat Level 2)

Black Diablos Strengths and Weaknesses

Black Diablos’s head, belly and wings are the most receptive parts of the beast to damage, with the head taking the most Blunt damage, wings taking the most Ammo damage, and the belly taking high Cut and Blunt damage. Despite these weak spots, the horn and body are breakable and the tail is severable, despite none of them being particularly vulnerable.

Black Diablo is vulnerable to Ice damage, but resistant to both Fire and Dragon damage.

It is susceptible to many ailments, but it’s particularly weak to Paralysis and resilient to Stun.

Another foe that primarily uses physical attacks, Black Diablos is only a step behind Nergigante in terms of raw, physical power. Buffing yourself with Demondrug, Armorskin and carrying plenty of healing with you… and of course, buffing yourself with a meal that reinforces these attributes before heading out.

Elements .
Fire X
Water * *
Thunder *
Ice * * *
Dragon X
Ailments .
Poison * *
Sleep * *
Paralysis * * *
Blast * *
Stun *

Black Diablos Attacks

The moveset for Black Diablos is almost identical to that of Diablos, and like most Flying Wyverns, its fond of using the “pace back and forth” “attack”. In fact, a variety of charges make up a significant chunk of the beast’s repertoire, but be especially wary of when the beast lowers its head (often after roaring), which presages a devastating charge attack. Black Diablos won’t hesitate to spam this particular move.

When it’s not charging, Black Diablos tends to be burrowing, which it can use as a means of travel, or, more frequently, attack. If you see the monster burrow (it’ll leave a noticeable disruption on the ground to mark its passage), ready your shield (if you have one) or put away your weapon and run, as Black Diablos will attempt to violently surface under you, dealing massive damage. Black Diablos is also fond of erupting out from the ground, propelling itself a surprising distance, hoping to land on (or to perhaps gore) an unwary hunter. This last attack deals massive damage - without full health (150 HP) and suitable Defense (400 or higher) you may find this capable of one-shotting you.

In addition, Black Diablos has attacks for dealing with hunters in a variety of situations. When it’s tired of charging and burrowing, it’ll break things up by performing a sweeping, two-stage attack with its horns. Against foes to its rear, it’ll perform a double tail slam, using its massive, bony tail as a bludgeon. Finally, it can also perform a short range side-ram to deter assailants at it’s flank. Some of these attacks may be painful, but they’re by far the least fearsome components of its offense.

Carves Frequency
Black Diablos Ridge+ * * * *
Diablos Fang * * *
Black Diablos Carapace * * * * *
Diablos Tailcase * * *
Blos Medulla * * *
Wyvern Gem *
Rewards Frequency
Black Diablos Ridge+ * * * *
Black Diablos Carapace * * * *
Diablos Fang * * *
Blos Medulla * *
Monster Hardbone * * *
Dash Extract * * *
Wyvern Gem *

There are two rare materials you can harvest from Black Diablos, and as usual they’re the horn (Black Spiral Horn+) and the gem (Wyvern Gem), although the latter isn’t unique to them, and honestly, is something of an underwhelming drop from such a dangerous foe… especially when a Barroth and Jyuratodus can drop it just as readily. The Black Spiral Horn+ is a greater prize, however, and you’ll have a better chance of getting it by breaking the horn.


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