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Author(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 13-02-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 06-04-2020 / 05:41 GMT

Monster Hunter World Guide

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Elder's Recess

Uragaan - Ore-Eating Occupier

Quest Info
Objective: Hunt a Uragaan
Reward Money: 14400z
Time Limit: 50 min.
Conditions: HR 13 or higher
Failure Conditions: Time Expires / Faint 3 Times
Other Monsters: Gastodon / Barnos / Gajalaka

Might as well state the obvious, the Uragaan is an alteration of the Radobaan. Actually, the Radobaan is new to the Monster Hunter franchise, whereas the Uragaan has been in several previous games… ahem. Anyways, there are many similarities between the two, but like the Dodogama, enough has changed for a lengthy discussion of the monster, its weaknesses, how it fights, and where it dwells.

Water* * *
Ice* *
Dragon* *
Poison* * *
Paralysis* *
Blast* *
Stun* * *

Hunt - Uragaan

Like the Radobaan, the Uragaan has a circular domain which it prowls, although unlike its bone-spike bearing counterpart in the Rotten Vale, the Uragaan doesn’t quite have an entire lair of the level all to itself, nor is most of the Elder’s Recess as conspicuously designed for its travel, barring a few notable exceptions. Its range consists of AREAS 2, 6, 5, 7 and 8, with its lair being in AREA 6, which may force you to chug some Cool Drinks and deal with other denizens of the Elder’s Recess, like Gastodons, the Dodogama and the Lavasioth.

Following in the tradition of so many large monsters in the Elder’s Recess, the Uragaan has many attacks similar to another monster it resembles, complicated by the addition of explosions. In this case, the Uragaan is fond of discharging explosive balls which, unlike the Bazelgeuse it’ll rarely intentionally cause them to detonate. Instead, these explosive spheres act as mines, serving as hindrances to mobility and secondary attacks which can nevertheless prove quite annoying.

You’ll recognize many of the Uragaan’s attacks from your battles with the Radobaan, including the side rush, the tremor-inducing head slam, a multi-strike series of head slams and the sleep gas it can excrete from its underside. It can also perform a tail sweep, but unlike the Radobaan’s attack, the Uragaan also expels explosive spheres to accompany the sweep. The Uragaan can also roll around like a massive pillbug, although its rolls are usually shorter than the Radobaan’s, usually announcing an impending roll by shaking loose some bombs before rolling, which will likely detonate some of the bombs shook loose. It tends to end rolls with a head smash, so while the Uragaan’s roll is shorter than the Radobaan’s, it makes up for it by adding numerous other forms of attack to accompany it. Even the Uragaan’s sleep gas isn’t to be trusted, as it can also cause the gas it excretes to explode!

You may have noticed the weasel-word "usually" when describing the tendency of the Uragaan to have shorter rolls than the Radobaan, and it’s there for a reason. While most of its rolls are relatively short, one-direction affairs, when enraged the Uragaan will opt for a longer, sustained spin attack, sometimes changing direction several times. Use traps or Flash Pods to interrupt its attack, or otherwise prepare for dodge or block its onslaught for as long as it persists. It’s especially fond of using this attack in AREA 6.

The Uragaan’s head and belly are both notably receptive to damage, and its head and back armor are both breakable, while its tail is severable. Neither of these will influence its attacks much, but breaking its back armor does seem to cause it to drop Lava Nuggets. It’s weak to Water attacks and resistant to Fire, and like all large monsters native to the Elder’s Recess, it’s weak to Poison. More uniquely, it’s also quite susceptible to Stun, while being resistant to Sleep.

Uragaan Carapace* * * *
Uragaan Scale+* * * * *
Uragaan Scute* * * *
Uragaan Marrow* * *
Uragaan Ruby*
Uragaan Carapace* * * *
Uragaan Scale+* * * *
Uragaan Scute* * *
Uragaan Marrow* *
Monster Hardbone* * *
Inferno Sac* * *
Firecell Stone* *

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