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Teostra General Information

You’ll be able to undertake the assignment Teostra the Infernal after collecting enough Teostra Research Points in the Wildspire Wastes after completing the assignment A Wound and a Thirst. After completing the assignment Teostra the Infernal you’ll be given the optional quest A Blaze on the Sand, should you desire to hunt Teostra more. Once you hit Hunter Rank 50, you can start hunting Tempered Teostra via investigations.

General Information .
Type Elder Dragon
Quests Teostra the Infernal (8*), A Blaze on the Sand (8*)
Variants High Rank / Tempered (Threat Level 3)

Teostra Strengths and Weaknesses

Teostra’s head is most susceptible to damage from all sources, but failing that, the wings and tail are both fine alternatives. The head and wings are both breakable and the tail is severable.

As a fire-wreathed Elder Dragon, it shouldn’t be surprising that Teostra is weak to both Water and Ice, and resistant to Fire, with none of the other elements finding much purchase. As the fight goes on, Teostra will gather fire around itself, becoming progressively more dangerous as this fire builds, but fortunately you can reduce this fire accumulation with Elderseal weapons, although when Teostra attempts to discharge this energy - via its Super Nova attack - it’s vulnerable to some timely Flash Pod intervention, so… up to you to decide whether it’s worth bothering with Elderseal.

Teostra isn’t terribly vulnerable to any ailment, but it is more susceptible to Poison and Stun than anything else.

As mentioned earlier, the fire that builds within and around Teostra manifests in different ways, but there’s one universal similarity between them - you’re going to be exposed to more fire damage, either from Teostra’s attacks, or from the fire it leaves in its wake (or in the wake of its attacks). However you determine to deal with its powers (Elderseal, Flash Pod, stun, etc.), one thing is clear - Fire Resistance is paramount for this fight. Aim to have a Fire Resistance score of twenty or higher to avoid constantly being set on fire and, of course, to reduce the damage you’ll be taking from many of Teostra’s attacks.

Elements .
Fire X
Water * * *
Thunder *
Ice * * *
Dragon *
Ailments .
Poison * *
Sleep *
Paralysis *
Blast *
Stun * *

Teostra Attacks

Teostra, perhaps more-so than most Elder Dragons, is defined by the element to which it is attuned. Like Kushala Daora it’ll shroud itself in its favored element as the fight goes on, and like Nergigante, as the fight goes on and its powers build, it’ll start attacking more aggressively, prioritize some attacks over others (usually using more fire attacks as its flame aura builds) and even gain access to new attacks.

At first Teostra will fight without the benefit of its fire shroud, using a healthy mix of physical attacks and fire attacks, most of which aren’t terribly powerful. One of its more common attacks is to breathe a short-range arc of fire in front of it. Before most of its fire breath attacks it’ll rear back and inhale, and while it doesn’t take terribly long for it to accomplish this, it’s still a fair visual cue indicating the impending attack. While usually focusing on the front, Teostra can also quickly turn around and bring this attack to bear on enemies behind it. In addition to this, it can perform a longer-range line of fire, during which it’ll turn its head and sweep a large swath in front of it over two passes. Teostra can also perform an over-the-shoulder bite against foes flanking it, and a tail sweep (two lashes) against opponents in the rear.

Not surprisingly, Teostra has plenty of charge attacks as well, including the ever-popular “run back and forth” “attack”, a pouncing charge attack, an aerial, diving charge attack (usually how it transitions from air to land, which is to say, violently) and a shorter range charge which rends the ground and which Teostra ends by spinning around. Speaking of flight, while Teostra can fly, it rarely does so… at least, in comparison to Kushala Daora. It’ll usually restrict flight to moving between areas, performing the aforementioned dive, and breathing a torrent of fire, during which it’ll fly forward and sweep the fire back and forth as it goes.

As the fight wears on, Teostra’s fire aura will build. Changes in its status are usually accompanied by a roar. In the first stage, Teostra is naked, while in the second stage it is wreathed in flames. In its third and final stage of power building, it’ll leave trails of fire on the ground, which will cause you to take damage when you’re standing on this fire, and may set you on fire if your Fire Resistance isn’t up to snuff. During these last two stages, Teostra will be more inclined to use some of its more powerful attacks, including one where it emits a circle of spark-clusters around it in a circle, which then spread outward from Teostra. These will explode in time, but will also detonate on contact with a careless hunter, although there are usually gaps between the clusters sufficient for you to pass through.

When its powers are at their fullest, Teostra will fly into the air and start charging up, generating sparks about itself. After building up for a few moments, it’ll detonate a blast centered on itself, dealing massive damage over a wide area. Either flee from this attack, or use a well-timed Flash Pod to knock it out of the sky. Either way, after this attack is over its fire aura will be done and it’ll start building up power again. It also has another nasty, although rarely-used attack with which it can punish stunned, cowardly, or recuperating hunters by causing a mass of sparks to accumulate near them, build up, and explode. Even with decent Fire Resistance, this attack can deal tremendous damage. Only sharpen your weapons when Teostra vacates an area or if you have some ranks in Speed Sharpening, and if you must eat to recover your health, don’t stop moving while you do so!

Carves Frequency
Fire Dragon Scale+ * * * * *
Teostra Carapace * * * *
Teostra Claw+ * * *
Teostra Horn+ * *
Teostra Mane * * *
Teostra Gem *
Rewards Frequency
Teostra Carapace * * * *
Fire Dragon Scale+ * * *
Teostra Powder * * *
Teostra Mane * * *
Teostra Claw+ * * *
Elder Dragon Bone * *
Elder Dragon Blood * *

As usual, the rarest material Teostra drops is its gem, which is a very rare carve from the Elder Dragon’s corpse. In addition, you can get another shot at it as a reward if you break its head or if you carve its tail after it has been severed.


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