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Author(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 13-02-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 18-01-2020 / 08:37 GMT

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Great Jagras

Great Jagras General Information

Despite being the first large monster you fight, there are only two quests that explicitly task you with hunting a Great Jagras. The first, The Great Jagras Hunt is an assignment near the start of the game, while the second, Hard to Swallow is an optional quest tasking you with hunting a High Rank Great Jagras.

General Information
TypeFanged Wyvern
QuestsThe Great Jagras Hunt (2*), Hard to Swallow (6*)
VariantsLow Rank / High Rank

Great Jagras Strengths and Weaknesses

The Great Jagras’ head and belly are both highly vulnerable to damage, followed by its front limbs, which are somewhat less receptive, but still fine targets. All these parts are also breakable.

The Great Jagras is weak to Fire and resistant to water.

You won’t find another monster in the entire game more readily susceptible to ailments than the Great Jagras. This beast is highly vulnerable to all ailments, so use whatever you wish to frustrate the Great Jagras.

There are no real preparations that need to be made for Great Jagras, although eating a good meal will, as usual, make things easier. The Great Jagras inflicts no ailments and employs no elements, so you need not worry on either of those fronts. Bringing a Fire elemental weapon of your own may increase your damage, and utilizing ailments of your own will help.

Fire* * *
Thunder* *
Ice* *
Poison* * *
Sleep* * *
Paralysis* * *
Blast* * *
Stun* * *

Great Jagras Attacks

The weakest large monster in the game, the Great Jagras is frequently used as scale fodder to promote the greater power of other monsters, as seen in the intros for Anjanath and Deviljho. It’s not a terribly dynamic foe, lacking the speed and aggressiveness that later monsters will possess, but it does have some interesting quirks worth noting.

First, the Great Jagras - as the game heavily advertises - is a gluttonous beast, liable to prey upon the nearby Aptonoth. While its dietary habits may not otherwise be interesting, it does play into its combat habits, as the Great Jagras will move and attack somewhat differently when engorged, adding a lunging belly flop attack and a barrel roll attack. You can cause the Great Jagras to vomit up its meal by striking its belly.

When not full of an Aptonoth snack, the only other unique tactic the Great Jagras has is to retreat to its lair, where it’ll be joined by several lesser Jagras. While not significant threats in themselves, they might just get in the way enough to help their larger pal.

Aside from that, the Great Jagras will perform a claw attack and a bite attack, both of which are telegraphed ahead of time and target foes directly in front of it. Speaking of telegraphed attacks, if the Great Jagras rears back, expect it to follow up with a charging bite attack, which can cover a fair amount of ground. Aside from these front-focused attacks, the Great Jagras can also use its tail to smack enemies behind it.

Carves (Low Rank)Frequency
Great Jagras Scale* * * * *
Great Jagras Hide* * * *
Great Jagras Mane* * *
Great Jagras Claw* * * *
Rewards (Low Rank)Frequency
Great Jagras Hide* * * * *
Great Jagras Scale* * * *
Great Jagras Mane* * *
Great Jagras Claw* *
Iron Ore* * *
Monster Bone S* * *
Carves (High Rank)Frequency
Great Jagras Scale+* * * * *
Great Jagras Hide+* * * *
Great Jagras Mane* * *
Great Jagras Claw+* * * *
Rewards (High Rank)Frequency
Great Jagras Hide+* * * * *
Great Jagras Scale+* * * *
Great Jagras Mane* * *
Great Jagras Claw+* *
Monster Bone+* * * *

The Great Jagras is one of the few monsters in the game with no gems… or really any rare materials, for that matter.

Guide Information

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  • Guide Release
    13 February 2018
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    31 October 2019
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    Nathan Garvin

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