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Author(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 13-02-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 25-01-2020 / 04:47 GMT

Monster Hunter World Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Elder Dragons

Stuck in Their Ways

Quest Info
Objective: Capture a Tobi-Kadachi
Reward Money: 9360z
Time Limit: 50 min.
Conditions: HR 11 or higher
Failure Conditions: Time Expires / Faint 3 Times
Other Monsters: Aptonoth / Jagras / Mernos / Gajalaka

There are few surprises with this quest. High Rank Tobi-Kadachi has no tricks the Low Rank version didn’t have, and it’ll roam about and lair in the usual places. The damage values are scaled up, however, but fortunately so are your options for dealing with them. Try to get your hands on as much Thunder Resistance as possible (twenty being the sweet spot, as usual) and bring a Water elemental weapon or one which can inflict the Poison ailment. Obviously bring traps and Tranq Bombs, and investigate tracks before engaging the foe so you can raise your Scoutfly Level and keep an eye on its status.

A Fire-Spewing Brew

Return to the Research Base after completing this quest and you should be able to talk to the Cheerful Scholar, who now has a delivery request for you, promising to share some of "the good stuff" with you if you’re successful. Sure! To satisfy this delivery request, you’ll need to fork over 1,000 Research Points and two Dodogama Jaws, the latter of which is a common carve from the Dodogama, and a somewhat uncommon reward. Kill a few of them, preferably on investigations, if you have them, and you should get the materials you need soon enough. Completing this deliver request will unlock the Ratha Whiskey ingredient, but more importantly, it’ll open up a new quest back at the Research Base.

Return to the Research Base and head up to where the Third Fleet Master is, where you’ll find an Airship Engineer. Talk to him and he’ll offer you the quest A Sore Site, which will help him provide for the researchers… with enough to spare for you, as well.

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