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Odogaron General Information

You’ll first encounter Low Rank Odogaron during the assignment Into the Bowels of the Vale, which will start out as a general exploration mission before officially tasking you with hunting the Odogaron. After that quest, you’ll unlock the optional quests Scratching the Itch and Man’s Best Fiend to hunt down the beast again, and capture it, respectively.

In High Rank missions you can encounter the Odogaron in the optional quests Special Arena: HR Odogaron, Odogaron Unleashed, A Sore Site and as one of the two targets in Talons of Ire and Ice. Simply put, you’ll be seeing a lot of Odogaron in the latter parts of the game if you wish to unlock everything, which isn’t so bad, considering the set bonuses and skills on the High Rank Odogaron armor are generally viewed as beneficial to characters who constantly find themselves battling sharpness issues (dual blades hunters, for example).

You can, of course, also fight both Low Rank and High Rank variants via Expeditions (in the Rotten Vale and Coral Highlands) and during Investigations. There are also Threat Level 2 Tempered versions you go hunt when you hit Hunter Rank 30.

General Information .
Type Fanged Wyvern
Quests Into the Bowels of the Vale (5*), Scratching the Itch (5*), Man’s Best Fiend (5*), Special Arena: HR Odogaron (7*), Odogaron Unleashed (7*), A Sore Site (7*), Talons of Ire and Ice (7*), A Summons from Below (9*)
Variants Low Rank / High Rank / Tempered (Threat Level 2)

Odogaron Strengths and Weaknesses

The Odoragon’s head is the prime target for all forms of damage, but the tail and front legs are passable alternatives.

Odogaron is weak to Ice damage, and resistant to Dragon damage, with Thunder damage being a good secondary option.

It’s weak to Paralysis, and considering it tends to share a habitat with the Great Girros and less Girroses, tricking them into fighting can be a fine way to harrass the Odogaron. The Odogaron is resistant to poison, with the other ailments being passable.

Odogaron can inflict the Bleeding ailment with its attacks, which will cause you to take extra damage when you move around while thus inflicted. To cure yourself, you can gobble some Astera Jerky (purchasable from the Provisions Stockpile in Astera) or crouch down and wait until it goes away. Otherwise, the ailment will persist until you’re dead. Obviously crouching will put you at a disadvantage against the Odogaron, as you can do little else but walk slowly while crouching, but in conjunction with a Health Booster, you should be able to recover.

Elements .
Fire *
Water *
Thunder * *
Ice * * *
Dragon X
Ailments .
Poison *
Sleep * *
Paralysis * * *
Blast * *
Stun * *

Odogaron Attacks

The Odogaron, as a Fanged Wyvern, is obviously comparable to the Tobi-Kadachi, both of whom share a similar body type. To contrast with its electric-favoring kin, the Odogaron makes less use of its tail than the Tobi-Kadachi, and is in general less maneuverable, not being capable of gliding long distance, and thankfully not possessing the spinning lightning tail slam its weaker relative had.

That’s not to say the Odogaron isn’t… bouncy… enough on its own, nor that it only attacks with its maw. Pounces, bites, charges and a tail sweep are all part of its repertoire, and for classes with slower weapons, Odogaron can be bothersome to hit, and given the close quarters of its habitat, its speed, and its aggressiveness, slow, ranged weapons are not recommended.

While aggressive and quick enough under normal circumstances, when angered the Odogaron becomes even more troublesome to deal with, especially if enraged in its lair. Under these conditions it’ll attack fast and more frequently, leap more often, and in its lair it’ll gladly bounce off walls to the point where it becomes hard to track with your camera, much less hit. This is a good time to place traps or use items in an attempt to stun, slow, or otherwise hinder the beast. Failing that, give it some space and play defensive, let it wear itself out with its tantrum, then brutally reprimand it when it tires.

Failing that, the Odogaron’s attacks are usually fairly predictable, although its speed and the relentlessness of its onslaught may make it an troublesome target for characters with slower weapons. For a hunter with a faster weapon which allows them to dodge frequently and attack without too much devotion, simply dodging and countering repeatedly will frustrate the Odogaron’s assault - the Bow, in particular, seems to work well against the Odogaron, as you’re actively rewarded by dodging.

Carves (Low Rank) Frequency
Odogaron Sinew * * * *
Odogaron Scale * * * * *
Odogaron Claw * * * *
Odogaron Fang * * *
Odogaron Plate *
Rewards (Low Rank) Frequency
Odogaron Sinew * * * *
Odogaron Scale * * * *
Odogaron Claw * * *
Odogaron Tail * *
Odogaron Plate *
Monster Bone * * *
Nourishing Extract * * *
Carves (High Rank) Frequency
Odogaron Sinew+ * * * *
Odogaron Scale+ * * * * *
Odogaron Claw + * * * *
Odogaron Fang + * * *
Odogaron Plate *
Odogaron Gem *
Rewards (High Rank) Frequency
Odogaron Sinew+ * * * *
Odogaron Scale+ * * * *
Odogaron Claw + * * *
Odogaron Tail * *
Odogaron Plate *
Monster Hardbone * * *
Nourishing Extract * * *

The real prize for hunting an Odogaron - at least the High Rank version - is the Odogaron Gem, which you’ll find as the limiting factor in a few Charms, armor and weapons. You can claim this prize by carving the monster’s corpse, albeit at a very low drop rate. Increase your odds of gaining one as a reward by breaking the head or by carving its tail after severing it. As a consolation prize for breaking the head, you may be rewarded with an Odogaron Fang+ The front legs and rear legs can also be carved, but their rewards are less noteworthy.


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