At the start of the chapter look for a pile of rocks at the road split; these are called cairns and there is a total of 16 in this chapter that you can destroy for a trophy.

Plow through the first Cairn and then follow the path until Sully points out some ruins and exit the vehicle. While Sully and Sam catch up, circle to the far side of the crumbled building and climb up to a ledge with the Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box .

Keep an eye out for cairns placed around Madagascar (left). The first set of ruins had a treasure on the remains of the second floor (right).

Return to the vehicle and continue through a pool of water and then head straight ahead as the path opens to smash through another Cairn . While the path forward is off to the right, head toward the waterfall and drive behind it.

Inside, pull down the metal crate to the left and then use it to reach the platform on the right that has an Eroded Flintlock Pistol and a Journal Note .

There’s another cairn on the way to the waterfall, where you’ll find a cave.

Exit the waterfall and head left until you drive under a bridge and then look for another Cairn at the back of the area on the right side of the stream.

Drive up the muddy hill and strike the Cairn overlooking the area and then cross the rickety bridge you drove under earlier. On the other side there is a Cairn atop a rock, but you won’t be able to run it over with the Jeep so exit the vehicle and shoot it.

There are more cairns before and after crossing the bridge in the muddy area.

While driving up the next muddy hill you’ll need to stick to the area with some flat rocks to gain enough traction to actually make it anywhere and then drop into the next area.

Cross the stream and follow the tire tracks up the side of the rocks and then press L3 for a view of the tower before driving into the Cairn straight ahead. Follow the left side of the stream while the group complain about the winch and then head up the slanted rock to find another Cairn .

These two cairns are pretty hard to miss, given they are directly on the path.

You can now continue along the looping path until you reach the tower you saw earlier. Grab the winch from the front of the truck before you climb the steps and latch it around the trunk of the large tree.

Head into the tower and examine the sigil on the floor for a Journal Entry before climbing to the second floor to find the Mughal Ivory Powder Flask . Head back to the Jeep and drive up the muddy hill, since you’ve already attached the winch, and then continue for a really nice view of the whole area.

Attach the winch around the tree before you check out the tower nearby.

Follow the tracks to a split and then head downhill, watching the left side of the road to find a rock with a Cairn on top before you reach the ruins. Make sure to exit the vehicle to grab the Parchment Scroll from a crate and then continue along the road until it loops left around a section of rocks.

There are two things you’ll want to get here: the first is the Cairn between the large rocks that you’re looping around and the other is the Ancient Fertility Idol in the small cave on the opposite side of the road. You can now continue along the path until you hit a cutscene with Nadine’s men.

The cairn by the ruins here is easy to miss (left). Don’t forget to also exit the vehicle to examine the cave for a treasure as well (right).

Drive along the right side of the area and then loop around the rock and head straight for the tall grass next to the rocks, exiting the vehicle the minute you hit the rocks to avoid detection.

Walk through the grass to the right and note the enemy on the structure to your left and the one to the right. Your first target is the one to the right, so wait for both men to walk away and then run across the open area and climb the ledge on the right side of the building.

Hop over the ledge and take down the enemy while his back is to you and then wait for the other enemy across the way to walk left and make a dash for the structure/ hanging on the ledge next to the explosive barrel.

Hide in the grass until it’s clear to cross to the right structure (left). After killing the enemy wait again to head to the main tower platform (right).

Pull the enemy over when he returns and then make a dash for the stairs straight ahead when his buddy isn’t looking. You can now hand from the ledge next to the stairs and wait for the Shoreliner to walk by and pull him over as well.

Head around the right side of the tower to climb the pile of rocks to enter the second floor and then climb the inside of the structure to the third floor.

There is an enemy standing next to the doorway that you’ll want to kill for the RPG and then continue along the outside of the structure to reach the top floor where you can kill a sniper.

After killing the other enemy near the stairs (left) climb up the tower, but watch out for this enemy on the third floor (right).

Carefully make your way back down the tower to the second floor and this time check the outside of the tower for another enemy, but be careful of anyone on the ground spotting you. You can now head back to the ground level and take the stairs to some tall grass to continue.

Two of the Shoreline men should begin a conversation as you enter the grass and the one to the right will walk right toward the tall grass. Make your way right toward the enemy and when his buddy turns around to walk back the way he came pull the goon into the grass.

Wait for the two men to finish talking before you stealth kill the one on the right.

Ignore the enemy patrolling the inside of the crumbled building and move from the tall grass to another batch of grass to the left to circle around the back of the area where there is another enemy sweeping the ground with his hands.

Make sure that the enemy inside the building, the enemy on top of the building, and two enemies that walk a long patrol through the area aren’t anywhere to be seen and then rush in and kill him. The remaining three enemies should be pretty easy to take out without any instructions.

Before you leave the area find the lever in the building that had the patrol on the second lever and press it to blow the doorway beneath the tower. Inside you’ll find another sigil that can be examined for a Journal Entry and then return to the vehicle and cross the bridge.

Uncharted 4 - Run the Table Trophy (Ch. 8 or 10)

Run the Table (Silver) - Defeat enemies with a stealth attack, melee attack, headshot, and explosives, in that order, in 15 seconds As the trophy description says, you need to defeat enemies with a stealth attack, melee attack, headshot and explosives in that order and all within 15 seconds. Any encounter that begins with you in stealth is ideal for this, but there are two specific encounters (both featured in the above video) that are perfect for this. The first encounter is in Chapter 8 (Bridge) and begins with you dropping down to stealth kill an enemy. From here, you can simply fire your weapon towards the ground to alert the two enemies walking just ahead of you, then melee the one and headshot the other. If you have beaten the game already, the Bullet Speed cheat will slow the game down so you can headshot the enemy easily. After the headshot, you'll need to toss some dynamite straight ahead to try and catch one of the enemies running towards you in its explosion. The other encounter occurs during Chapter 10 (Drawbridge) and might work easier for you. If you go to the side shown in the video, you will likely catch three enemies coming around the corner, so you can easily stealth the first, melee the second and try to headshot the third if he's running away or climbing the structure. From there, you will find a sniper on the same structure, as well as an explosive barrel. Try to move back and lure the sniper closer before shooting the barrel. Check out the full guide: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Official Site: iTunes App: Twitter: Facebook: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Make sure to blow the dynamite to find a sigil before driving across the bridge.

When the structure breaks you’ll need to attach the winch around each of the remaining supports and drive in reverse to blow them, dropping the other half of the bridge to create a path forward. See Sully, the winch is vital!

Follow the path to the left to find another crumbled structure that has the Pocket Celestial Map on what’s left of the windowsill and then hop back down and check the rocks ahead for another Cairn .

You can now continue into the open area to spot a ton of Shoreline trucks passing over the mountain side. Head straight into the plains to smash a Cairn and then follow the path right to find the remains of a well.

There is a cairn near the building with a treasure and another in the open plains.

Hop out and grab the winch before you climb down the well and then wrap it around the beam on the other side of the room. While Sully backs the Jeep into reverse, check the skeleton near one of the other posts for a Journal Note .

Now that the beam is laying across the gap, make your way to it and jump onto the ledges of the nearby wall and climb up to find the Pewter Letter Cylinder .

Wrap the winch around the beam so that you can use it to reach the treasure.

Return to the Jeep and stay on the lowest section of land as you cross the plains in the opposite direction. Eventually Sully will point out an old building that looks like an old fort, just before you reach the far cliff.

Park the Jeep up against the wall so that you can climb the hood for a boost and then climb up. While it doesn’t seem like there is much here, stand away from the explosive barrels and shoot them to create an opening to the English Ale Bottle .

Look for this small fort (left) and blow the barrels to to find a treasure inside.

Head back to the Jeep and continue past the old building until you hit the cliff edge and then follow it right. When you reach the two matching pillars turn right and follow the edge of the mountain wall, hugging the left side, and take the left path at the tree to find the remains of another building.

Make sure to hit the Cairn and grab the Mughal Box and then head back down the way you came. When to reach the tree turn left and drive straight off the ledge, don’t worry you won’t flip over, and on the large flat rock you should spot another Cairn .

There is a cairn at the top of the hill near the ruined building (left). On the way back down head for the flat rock with another cairn that’s easy to miss (right).

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