Head straight for the main gate through the water until you reach a section of flat rocks near a broken pillar and then turn left to find a section of land with a sign. Wait for Elena to read it to trigger an Optional Conversation and then turn your camera to the dark second of trees nearby to see the shine of the Mughal Stout Vase .

Elena will read this sign for a conversation (left) and then collect the treasure in the back of the area (right).

Make your way to the main gate and Elena will read the mantle for another Optional Conversation and then head to the broken pillar you passed earlier.

Climb to the top of the pillar and jump to the cage nearby and then jump across the beams to the right four times until you reach a caged corpse with the Small Mughal Dagger . You can now make your way to the cage near Elena’s location to jump to the ledge and climb over the wall to New Devon.

Make your way across the beams to reach the treasure inside one of the cages.

Hop down into the water via the statue’s spear and turn left to follow the outer wall onto solid ground again. Make sure to pick up the Mughal Candle Holder near the tree and then hop over the railing behind you into some more water and climb the building remains on the right.

From here you can climb the beams and jump to the nearby doorway and then crawl under the collapsed floorboards to reach a bedroom with a Journal Note . Head back through the door you entered and climb up the floorboards to reach the level above the bedroom with a sigil and then drop through the wall on the left.

Jump across the ruins of the building to find a bedroom with a journal note.

If you’re sticking with a stealth approach, follow the plants right until you reach the end near the tree branches. Hop into the water and climb up the other side when the enemy to the upper left isn’t looking and dash for the next set of plants, where you can kill the enemy nearby.

Drop into the water on the left and climb the wall of the building on your right, waiting for the enemy on the upper level to return to pull him down.

Hide in the plants to kill the first enemy (left) and then pull down the second from the ledge above (right).

Drop into the water and head through the doorway on the left and then circle around to the left to climb up to a platform. Be careful when you pull up, sticking close to the wall, because there is an enemy on the platform right next to you.

Wait for him to face away before you climb up and stealth kill him and then look across the water to spot an enemy who patrols the roof. Make sure he is walking away and then jump catty-corner to the window on the side of the building and use the ledges to crawl to the roof ledge.

Despite how it looks you’re actually safe from being seen here. Wait until the enemy nearby moves to the ledge and pull him off and then climb up and take cover behind the small piece of wall.

Wait for the enemy in the upper left to move (left) and climb the wall to this ledge where you can’t be seen (right).

There are two enemies you have to pay attention to here; the first is the one in the red cap that patrols past the green crate on the left and the other is an enemy that walks through the large hole in the building on the right. Make sure the enemy on the right is headed away on his long patrol and then hop down and kill the red cap when he’s walking to the back area.

Take cover behind green crates and check the patrol’s location, if hes still gone then head to the stacked green crates and climb up the wall and shimmy around so that you’re over the window. From here you can kill the guy that you spotted earlier and then drop and hang on the ledge next to the green crates.

Drop down and kill the enemy when no one is looking (left), especially the patrol near the hole in the next building over (right).

Make sure the patrol straight ahead, the one that walks through the hole in the building, isn’t on his way toward you and then climb up and take cover on the right side of the wall. From here you should be able to stealth kill the enemy when he stops at the opening in the wall.

Head out the smaller hole next to you and climb up the wooden beams to some plants and then turn around and jump to the opposite ledge. See the enemy in red cap across the way and the tan on the right, both of these guys are going to be your main issue.

Crawl to the very tip of the plants nearest to the enemy on this platform and when both the patrols are looking away press Square to take him down (you shouldn’t need to leave the plants).

Stealth kill the enemy you avoided earlier (left) and then climb up the platform, where you can kill another enemy from the plant (right).

Your next target is the guy in tan on the right, wait for the small window when the red capped enemy is walking left and the nearest enemy is walking away and then use the beam to jump to the platform. You’ll want to come up short vs landing squarely on the platform, or quickly drop off the right ledge if you do, since your objective is to latch onto the ledge and shimmy right out of view.

The Shoreline goon far back may turn yellow, but he shouldn’t actually see you once you are on the ledge. Once it’s clear pull the enemy off the ledge and then climb up and take cover behind the piece of stone in the center of the room. When it’s clear again you can vault over the stone and take cover against the small piece of wall.

Jump toward the platform with the enemy (left) and hang from the ledge to avoid detection (right).

Your next target is the enemy up by the bridge. Make sure that the red capped enemy is walking to the far left of his patrol and the guy by the bridge is facing away and then vault over the wall and press L1 to grapple across the gap.

From here you can head up the stairs and grab the ledge with next to the enemy, making sure you’re far enough right that the red capped goon won’t spot you, and then pull him down.

When both enemies are facing away you can hop over the wall (left). Then make your way to the ledge below the enemy in the back (right).

You can now head up the stairs and take cover in the plants near the tree and then jump across the gap to the right of the bridge when it’s clear.

Submerge under water to find the tunnel forward and crawl into the small tunnel and climb up to another ledge that leads to a broken bridge. Swing across the tree branch to enter the backyard of one of Richard Want’s mansion, where you can spot Sam and Nadine’s men.

Drop down and grab the Journal Note from the table below the hanging woman and then speak with Elena for an Optional Conversation .

After spotting Nadine’s men grab the letter under the hanged corpse of a woman.

You can now dive into the water and swim to the opposite side and check the base of the waterfall for the Mughal Circular Box . Grapple the tree and drop into the strong current and then pull yourself up the rope to reach the ledge beneath it and climb up.

Push the crate into the water and follow it until it stops and then climb out to the right and use the grappling hook to pull the crate ashore. You can now push it into the corner to reach the roof of Want’s mansion.

After falling into water wait to trigger and Optional Conversation and then swim to the corner of the building behind the statue to find the Mughal Headdress .

After falling through Want’s mansion (left), check the corner of the building underwater to find a treasure (right).

Enter the building and follow the path until you reach a bedroom and then enter the corridor and turn right twice to find the Spanish Brass Chalice behind a couch at the end of the hall.

Examine the vase between the windows at the other end for a Journal Entry and then turn left and right to continue into an office. Grab the Journal Note located on the desk and then head through the fireplace to make your way back outside.

Don’t miss the journal entry before you enter the office with a journal note.

Examine either of the cannons at the top of the stairs and enter Thomas Tew’s mansion. The current of the water is too strong to swim straight toward your destination, so you’ll need to zigzag there.

Walk over to the broken pillar on the left side of the area and hop into the water to reach the opposite side and then try and jump from the beam to the ledge ahead. You’ll have to do this at least once before Elena will offer to weigh down one side, so do it and then return to the beam a second time.

With Elena weighing down one side you can now jump across the gap and continue to another beam that extends across the water. Jump into the water and grab the column across the way and then shimmy around to reach the upper floor.

Jump into the water and pass to the other side of the strong current twice.

You can now push the bookcase down for Elena and get her assistance with the other bookcase blocking the path.

Enter the dining hall for a long cutscene with the remaining pirates and then pick up the Journal Note that Elena read. In addition, you can look at the table for the final Journal Entry . Boo! No more Nate drawings.

After the cutscene, examine the table for the final journal entry.

Exit the room and check the opposite fireplace for a Journal Note and then head across the tree root and across the stairs. Swing from the branch and use the piton to catch the wall and then make your way up the ledges to solid ground again.

Pass the hole leading into Avery’s mansion and head toward the cannons to find the Mughal Painted Elephant on the column and then return inside. Follow the path into the living room and speak with Elena for an Optional Conversation and then continue to the front door that is barricaded.

Grab the treasure outside and then speak with Elena in the grand living room.

The muddy footprints will lead you upstairs to a heavily columned section of the building and then down to another barricaded door. When you examine the door you’ll end up in a major ambush, so check the area to get an idea of the layout and exchange any weapons.

There are a few snipers on the upper levels that can pose a threat, but the real issue is the heavily armored enemy with the DShK. Toss a bunch of grenades at the armored unit to take him down before he reaches you and then focus on the snipers.

The enemies can easily ambush you from your starting location, so feel free to move around in search of better cover. A good place to set up a defense is behind the crates up the ramp you came down, next to the stairs.

Toss grenades at the enemy with the DShK (left) and then head up the ramp on the right to find better cover (right).

After the area is clear, return to the door and push your way through the barricade. Follow Elena down the hall while she reads the Journal Note from the corpse and then grab it and enter the study. When Elena says to look around, head upstairs on the right side of the room and collect the Mughal Dinnerware from the small desk.

Return downstairs and head toward the table and globe in the circular room and then pick up Sam’s lighter for a short scene. You can search for the switch by examining the many items placed around the outside of the room, but when you examine the suit of armor Elena will be the one to find it.

Make sure to grab the treasure upstairs and then locate Sam’s light on the floor.

You can now take the stairs down and open the gate to complete the chapter.

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