This mission acts as a tutorial for advanced combat, such as enemy detection and stealth combat.

Head up the stairs and hop over the railing and then jump to the nearby tower to trigger an event about enemy detection. This section is all about not being seen by the enemies, as it will make your progress a lot easier, so jump left and then pull yourself up and hide out of view in the tower.

When you jump to the first tower you’ll get a tutorial on enemy detection.

There is only one doorway from this building, facing a blue and white tower, so wait for the enemy flashlights to shine away and then run and hop onto one of the ledges.

As you reach the top ledge a guard will walk to the edge and allow you to stealth kill him by pressing Square before you pull yourself up. The opposite door is catty-corner to another tower, but wait for the enemy above to look off the other way before you jump to the shingled rooftop and then to the tower itself.

Wait for the lights to turn away and jump to the nearby tower to kill an enemy.

Before you pull up into the tower make sure the guard on the balcony across the way isn’t looking and then jump out the left door to a different building. You can now run to the opposite side of the building, hop off the right side of the balcony, wait for an opening, and then run across the roof and climb up to the railing.

The tall grass in this area can be used for cover, Assassin’s Creed style, so move slowly to the center of the grass and when the guard is close enough press Square to perform a stealth takedown. Wait for the other guard to follow suit before you head up the stairs.

When it’s clear make a dash for the balcony to proceed to the area with tall grass.

Hop up into the spotlight and climb the side of the building. At the top you can get a glance of the ballroom, but you’ll need to climb up into an open window on this building to continue.

This is a scripted fight, meaning no matter what you do there is only one outcome. Press Square to attack Nadine and when she grabs you press Triangle to break the hold. There are a few opportunities for witty banter in your responses to Nadine, so feel free to be as much of a show off as you can while she kicks your ass.

After spotting the ballroom you’ll encounter Nadine. There’s no way to beat her, as the fight is intended to have you get thrown out the window.

After being ejected from the fight, swing across the metal bars to the side of the building and jump to the adjacent rooftop. Jump catty-corner to another balcony and then jump out the window to grab the metal bar that crosses the archway.

After the short event, swing to the ledge and shimmy left to the round sign that Sam was talking about. Now that you have a gun, aim at the heads of the two guards while they are focused on Sam and then climb over the sign and continue left until you’re on solid ground.

When you reach the round sign you’ll get a gun to finally play offensively.

As soon as you go for the ammo more guards will enter the area, so take cover behind the railing.

Once the guard on the adjacent building isn’t looking, jump the gap and shimmy right around the building and pull up, taking cover against the wall. The guard will walk right into Nate for a stealth kill and then you can take cover on the railing on the other side of the hall.

Wait for the guard in the tall grass to look right and then hop over the railing and jump across the gap. You can now climb up the railing edge, where it isn’t see through, and wait for the guard to come over to pull him over the edge.

When using stealth it is best to let the enemies come to you!

Slowly move forward in the tall grass until the guards begin to walk up the stairs and then back up so that the closest guard has to walk around the corner, out of view from the other guard, and stealth kill him.

You can now take out the other guard in the tall grass and wait in the corner closest to the guard on the rooftop across the way. Wait for him to begin to walk away and hop over the railing and then jump to the decorative cutouts and climb up to the roof, quickly taking cover behind the chimney.

From here you can stealth kill the guard as he walks back toward you without the guards below entering yellow.

Wait for the guard on the roof to walk away (left) and then climb up and take cover by the chimney to stealth kill him (right).

Drop off the side of the building you came up and climb the decorative cutouts to the window, waiting until it is clear before you hop inside. There are usually two guards in this room; one that patrols the far side and one that walks closer to the window, but make sure that it is clear before taking either down.

The last guard patrols the next building over and should be easy to take down when he walks away. You can now hop over the railing to a small section of roof and jump to the adjacent rooftop near a courtyard of tall grass.

Hang from the window and wait for the best chance to hop indoors for some stealth kills (left). The final guard in this area is easy to get behind (right).

No enemies will enter the courtyard until you move the wooden cart forward, so push it forward just enough that the enemies exit the door at the back of the area.

Sometimes the enemies will walk through the grass and sometimes they will explore the side of the area first, so it’s best to run to the balcony behind you and hop over the ledge to take cover where you won’t be seen. Watch the enemies and take note of their patrol, but be careful because there is another enemy on the rooftop that overlooks the whole courtyard.

It is best to take them down behind pillars, in the tall grass, or close to the upper floor where the guard above is. Once the enemies in the lower courtyard are taken down use the stairs, via the doorway that the guards exited, to reach the upper level and kill the final guard.

Be wary of the guard on the upper level, taking out the enemies downstairs first.

The zipline will lead you to the ballroom, mid-firefight with Sam. Watch the stage to the left, near Sam, because a shotgun wielding enemy will come from there and it poses the greatest threat.

The wooden cases and tables don’t provide cover for long and will crumble under enemy fire, so make your way right across the ballroom to the furthest pillar. From here you have plenty of cover to kill off the first round of enemies and then the second round will enter from the doors on the right.

The tables will crumble under heavy fire, so try and get to the pillars that will not.

Once the ballroom is clear you can exit and head down the stairs, killing two more guards, and then take cover behind one of the pillars at the base of the stairs. The enemies here are endless and will continue to spawn throughout the match.

You’re objective is to make your way to the front of the area, where Sully will smash the car through the bushes and provide an exit. Try to progress forward by using the pillars as cover until you feel it is clear enough to make a dash for the car door.

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