Follow the coastline to a small cave with the Bronze Boar treasure and then follow the snowpack uphill and a bit to the right. You’ll know you’re in the right place because the snow will begin to thin as you head toward the dead end and just before the snow ends you can find the Redware and Silver Jug Flask .

There are two treasures at the start of the level that are east to miss.

Turn around and follow the snowpack downhill to the left to a gravel slope and slide down, jumping to reach the opposite ledge on the right. From here you can repel from the tree trunk to the ground below and engage some enemies after the short cutscene.

Head uphill and drop into the monk living quarters and follow the right wall to find the Carved Wood Kashkul behind a group of bushes.

There are a few enemies near the Shoreline equipment (left) and once your reach the monks living quarters make sure to grab the treasure (right).

The area is empty, for now, but you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout before grabbing the dynamite from the crates in the center of the area. As you push the crate toward the building a group of Shoreline enemies will exit the building; guess those explosions didn’t blend in so well.

Let go of the container and run back along the wall and climb up to where you grabbed the container, taking cover on the wooden panel of the scaffolding. One of the enemies should walk right toward you for an easy kill, while a second may or may not follow him.

Create a path for the crate and when the enemies appear back up and hide.

Try and mark the enemies when you get a chance so that they don’t sneak up behind you when you’re looking another direction and use the cover wisely.

The lower area has plenty of tall grass that you can sneak through and the enemies walk past or through it on a regular basis. Once the area is clear you can return to the yellow crate and push it into the building to climb up.

Mark enemies so they don’t sneak up on you and use the tall grass for cover.

Before using the grappling hook look for a small cave on the left with some crates. You can’t crawl through it due to the crates being in the way, but a stick of dynamite will clear them and allow you to collect the Carved Nut Bottle inside.

Swing across to the ledges straight ahead and then look up to the right to spot another grappling spot. Wall run from the second tree and jump to the ledge on the left and pull up and then grapple the nearby tree and swing to the higher ledge above where you were just standing.

From here you can shimmy right and climb up where the wall is scratched and boost Sam up to the ladder. It’s too high for Sam to offer a hand here, but if you shimmy back to the left Sam will grab you when you jump up from the ledge.

Zig-zag up the cliffside until you can boost Sam up the ledge to continue.

You can press L3 to check your destination coming up, but first you’ll need to slide down the gravel slopes and jump to the ledges ahead. Make your way to the bottom left ledge and wait for one of the enemies to stop below you and then drop down for a stealth kill, interrupting him while he does his business.

Head through the tall grass and take out the enemy on the right, while Sam deals with the other, and then take a moment to mark as many of the enemies as you can. Watch the enemy standing on the tower straight ahead and when he’s facing away head for the small wooden fence and hop over into another batch of grass.

Make sure none of the enemies are looking again and head to the adjacent bit of grass and then through the broken archway to another section of tall grass.

Make your way through the tall grass to the archway near the propane tank.

The two enemies above will likely be having a conversation, so pass through the grass and take cover on the side of the pillar with the one enemy, peaking around the corner to check the area. Once the enemy on the lower level and the one that patrols the grassy area aren’t looking make a dash from your location to the grass nearby.

Once again, make sure the enemy above is facing away and then roll into the next batch of grass. This should put you in section of grass where one enemy passes by on the ground and another stops near the crumbled wall.

Pass through the arch and under behind the pillar with the enemy (left) to reach the tall grass in between the three Shoreline goons (right).

Depending on the enemies location you might need to take out the one walking through the grass first or hop onto the crumbled wall and pull the goon down first.

The remainder of the enemies, minus one, are on the main section of the crumbled building. Start by climbing the wall nearest to the pillar and waiting for the enemy in the red cap to walk over for a stealth kill, kicking him off when he won’t go down without a fight.

Shimmy left around the building until you reach a pillar and when the enemies far off at the end aren’t looking circle around the pillar and pull down the enemy standing there. Continue to shimmy left around the area and you should be able to finish off the remaining enemies with very little trouble.

Ignore the enemy on the lower level (left) and work your way around the upper level starting here (right).

Follow the path and jump to the ledges on the large rock and shimmy around it to a section on the other side. From here you can grapple the tree across the ravine and then turn left to swing to more ledges. Press L3 to check your destination and then hop into the gravel slope behind you and take cover in the tall grass.

Follow the grass and then transfer to the opposite side of the path into more tall grass while you wait for the conversation to end. Once the men split up you should have a chance to cross to the other side into a new batch of grass where you can wait for one of the enemies to walk over.

The remaining guy on the lower level should be easy to take out when the enemy above isn’t looking and then you can climb up and deal with the last one.

Use the grass to take out the first enemy before kicking the second off the ledge.

Note the pillars half covered in the gravel slope, well these are your ticket forward. Start by jumping to the pillar straight ahead and then slide down the gravel and jump onto the ledges on the side of the pillar at the bottom.

Jump to the third pillar and again to reach the bridge and then circle around to face the slope of gravel again. There is a group of ledges on the wall across the way that you’re aiming for, so jump deep and hold the Left Analog to the left to reach it before you slide too low.

Use the pillars to reach the highest part of the slope and then slide down and grab the ledges on the opposite side.

Another gravel slope awaits you on the other side of the area, but if you don’t make it across this time you’ll slide off the edge of the cliff to your death.

Make your way along the outside of the area and climb the pillar to jump across to a new section of ground, but instead of continuing you’ll want to drop off the ledge to the right to find a lower section with the Traveling Inkwell with Seal .

Make your way down the second gravel slope (left) and then look for the treasure beneath this platform (right).

Climb up and head to the right-most section of the area and then hop in the gravel and grab the ledges on the broken bridge section. Climb up and jump into the gravel on the other side and make sure to grab some of the ledges on one of the pillars or you’ll slide off to your death.

Jump to the bridge section and follow the path, but instead of sliding down the gravel turn around and use the posts on the other side of the wall to swing to some ledges. From here you can climb up and then jump into the gravel, making sure to grapple across the gap.

Don’t head for the door just yet, instead climb the wall to the left of the door to find the Carved Ivory Vanitas .

Use the posts to get higher up before sliding down the gravel (left). Make sure to get the treasure above the gate (right).

Drop back to the ground and help Sam open the gate to the graveyard, where Nate will take a moment to draw a picture of the area. While this doesn’t count as your first entry, if you hop the wall to your left and examine the excavated graves you’ll get a Journal Entry .

Open the door to the dormitories and then examine the exhumed graves nearby.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Jot This Down

Find a Journal Entry

Trophy icon

There are a number of tombstones you can examine here, any with the incorrect dates or sword placement, but the tombstone you are looking for is at the back of the area.

Take the newly revealed stairs down and when you reach the crypt check the left corner for a Journal Note . Continue through the crypt down another set of stairs and check the room to the left for the Scottish Ha’penny .

Search the crypt for a Journal Note down the stairs and a treasure in the final area.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Take a Note

Find a Journal Note

Trophy icon

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