After catching Elena up to speed with your childhood and how you came to use the surname Drake follow Elena to the Jeep and press L3 to admire her entrance.

Afterwards, boost Elena up the nearby ladder and then follow her until she stops for an Optional Conversation . There is a Mughal Flared Vase on the ground behind Elena’s location that you’ll want to grab before you follow the water upstream.

When you reach a large tree root overhead you should get another Optional Conversation with Elena.

After catching up with Elena you can find a treasure and engage in conversations.

Follow the path until Nate spots the large wooden elevator and then climb up the ledges to the right and stand on the large rock ahead. Jump to the ledges and use the piton to climb up to the top, where you can spot the Jeep, and then jump down and locate the ladder on the left that you’ll need to boost Elena to.

Wait for her to push a crate down from above and pull it up to the pillar in the center of the area to climb up. Cross the overturned tree to a bridge that collapses when you try to jump across and make sure to grapple the beam before Nate falls to his death.

Swing to the porous wall and press Square to anchor Nate with the piton, rather than try and catch a ledge, and then make your way up to the platform.

When the bridge collapses swing to the wall and climb up to the elevator platform.

After Elena lowers the elevator, jump to the wooden beam and shimmy right and wait for it to raise slightly. You can now shimmy across the ledges, swing across the posts to another beam, and then make your way up and around the last obstacle to the posts on the other side.

Once you jump to the posts be prepared to fire on some enemies that attack Nate, aim for the closest as Elena will deal with the other, and then swim to solid ground again.

Head to the right of the pillar straight ahead to find some broken stairs that led to the other side of the bridge and a Mughal Hinged Box and then climb back up and walk over to the elevator to trigger two Optional Conversations .

Drop down to the other side of the bridge for a treasure (left) and don’t miss the optional conversations with Elena near the elevator (right).

Make your way up the road to a dead end and turn around to spot some ledges that you can climb and then jump to the pillar and climb up.

When you jump to the area with the plants Nate will note the Shoreline goons that await. While you can plow through this area there is yet another trophy for not killing anyone, but with the Jeep parked in the center it won’t be easy.

Stick to the right wall as you slide downstream into some more plants and head right around the rock, climbing to the first ledge. Wait for the enemy in white to start walking away before you shimmy right and drop down to the ledge, where the sniper should lose sight of you.

Slide down the water and then hang from the rock to wait for the enemies to move.

Make your way along the outside until you can’t anymore and wait for the enemy in grey on the upper level to walk away and then back jump to the pillar and shimmy right before you climb up, stopping on the top ledge.

Make sure the enemy in grey still has his back to you before you pull up and then jump to the wall on the right and shimmy around out of sight.

Shimmy along the outside of the area and then climb the pillar to jump right.

The Jeep is at the top of the ridge, but there is no way to get into it without being seen and depending on your difficulty you might find this easy or extremely hard. You need to wait for the shotgun wielding enemy to walk to your left before you pull up and then hop in the Jeep and get moving.

Circle around the back of the building, making sure to not hit the guy in the red cap, and then head downstream and u-turn and head back upstream.

Watch out for the enemy behind the building as you exit the area.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Just Floor It

Drive away in the jeep with Elena without killing any enemies

Trophy icon

Continue upstream toward the waterfall and locate the path on the left side of the area and then press L3 to spot another elevator when the road bends. Zigzag through the area while the game takes care of some exposition and when you reach the large water wheel exit the vehicle.

Make sure to look up at the wheel itself for a Journal Entry and then grab the winch and jump off to the left to wrap it around a support. Let Elena pull down the platform above and then climb the wall to enter the building and check the balcony for a Jade Serving Bowl .

Look up at the water wheel for a journal entry (left) before using the winch. In the building, make sure to grab the treasure (right).

Back inside, use the crate to reach the second level and hop out the window to make your way to the post and then swing to the porous wall. From here you can shimmy around the wall to enter another window and then wait for Elena to stop the water.

You can now jump to the water wheel and shimmy across the pole to reach the controls, pushing the gears together.

Elena stopping the water allows you to cross over to the gear controls.

The elevator will begin to raise automatically once the gears are attached, so quickly run and jump to the platform nearby to reach the elevator. Shimmy right when the Shoreline goons start to attack and fire from the ledge, dropping down a rung whenever a grenade lands on the top of the elevator.

After the initial enemies on the right some more will spawn to your left, so shimmy to the other side for cover. If you run low on ammo make a quick trip to the ledges where the enemies on the left spawned after their deaths and return to the elevator.

When the elevator becomes jammed and an enemy with a grenade launcher begins to fire focus on taking out the grenade launcher first. The remaining enemies are a bit harder to take out from the elevator, so jump to the pillar and climb up and then jump again to reach the area with the enemies.

Eliminate the initial enemies by hanging from the side of the elevator (left). Once it’s jammed you’ll need to move to the ledge by the waterfall (right).

Here you’ll need to watch out for the sniper on top of the vehicle and an enemy with a shotgun on the left that will advance toward you. Once the area is clear, pull up and take your time gathering ammo despite Nate’s complaints.

Grapple the tree branch on the far side of the area to swing to some ledges and then shimmy right and pull up to watch Elena plow straight into the enemies.

Focus on the sniper first before defeating the rest of the enemies (left). Watch as Elena plows through the remaining two enemies (right).

Check the crate behind the Jeep before you hop in for the Ancient Stone Bowl and then drive around the area to drop back where you fought the enemies. Head left until you reach the spot where the road has been washed out and then turn left to enter the river again.

You need to circle up the left side of the area to the top and then hug the left wall as you drive into the powerful current to end up on the other side in calmer waters. You can now follow the path until you reach the sluice gates.

Climb the rocks and swing to the remains of the bridge and open the first gate and then shimmy across the gates to the other side and open the second gate.

When you reach the sluice gates you’ll have to open the right one to continue.

Return to the vehicle and enter the gate and then hang a right to drive up the flat rocks. This will give you the momentum to cross the gap in the bridge and you can then drive up the other side of the muddy hill.

Continue upstream until you spot a wooden ladder on the right and then exit the vehicle to check the nearby building. Inside you’ll find a Journal Note and the Pewter Incense Burner and then you can return to the Jeep and continue upstream to another elevator.

Drive upriver until you spot a ladder to find a hut with a note and treasure.

Before opening the gate check the building near the water wheel to find the 18th Century Combination Lock . You can now hold open the gate while Elena drives the Jeep inside the elevator and pull the lever. While riding up make sure to trigger both Optional Conversations and then hop in the Jeep and drive peacefully through the jungle.

When you reach a bridge that collapses when you try and cross to New Devon you’ll need to grapple just before the Jeep heads over the falls and then swing to the ledge where Elena waits.

Once on solid ground again, follow the edge of the river and look at the remains of the bridge for a Journal Entry and then climb up the rocks on your left.

Swing to Elena before the tree collapses and then check out the bridge.

Head straight ahead to some more ledges and shimmy right until you can pull up and then turn around and jump across the gap.

Circle right around the large rock formation and climb some more ledges to a skeleton and a Journal Note and then jump to the landing behind you. From here you can shimmy under the small waterfall to find a cave with a pile of corpses.

Exit out the other side and examine the caged corpse and then head over the ledge to a beam that can be used to jump to the other cage. You can now follow the path to reach the entrance to New Devon and complete the chapter.

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