We finally catch up with the brothers after leaving the orphanage in search of their mother’s belongings. Head up the grass to a stone path and then continue to the back right corner to find a fountain. There’s a Toy Soldier on one of the wooden benches at the back of the area and then you can follow the driveway to the back of the mansion.

Collect the treasure near the fountain and then head to the back of the mansion.

Wait for Sam to climb up and then jump on the roof behind you to jump to the windowsill. You can now make your way to the balcony above and enter the attic.

There’s a note on a desk in the back of the attic, but in order to proceed forward you’ll have to examine the two white boxes inside. Make your way into the hallway to examine another white box and then check the first bedroom for another note, followed by an Optional Conversation with Sam.

Back in the hall, examine the Ming Dynasty vase and then push through the door into another corridor. Head up the stairs to the right to find a Toy Seaplane at the top and then return downstairs and examine the two sarcophagi and organ jar.

After bumping into the sarcophagus grab the treasure at the top of the stairs.

You can now head downstairs to find another white box before you continue to the kitchen. Check the invitation to a gala on the kitchen counter before heading to the other side of the room and then examine the book on the table next to the globe.

You can spin the globe multiple times for some dialogue with Sam and there is some roman armor that you can examine try on the helmet. You can now enter the hall leading to the dining room, examining the fertility statue and the dining table itself.

Another letter lies on the dresser near the dining table and in the hallway behind is a Persian helmet. You can now check the white box under the roll-top desk before heading into the foyer of the mansion.

Take the time to examine the many items throughout the mansion.

Check the suit of armor before you head down the hall to the right of the staircase and then examine a magazine on the dresser and ring the gong.

There are some nautical items and another note in the solarium, but the important item is the book on the table about pirates. Picking the book up will trigger two back-to-back Optional Conversations with Sam, so make sure to do this.

Head back to the foyer and enter the living room, where you can examine the phonograph for mood music, and then check the rest of the area for an old message from Amelia Earhart, a half burned note in the fireplace, and another suit of armor. You can now head up the stairs to check both locked doors and then press L3 at the base of the staircase to view the vent.

Return to the living room and push the bookcase in front of the window and then climb up to the railing above. Back jump to the upper floor that was blocked by a bunch of debris on the spiral stairwell and grab the Pirate Snowglobe before you use the railing to reach the vent.

Use the bookcase the jump back on the upper balcony, where you’ll find a treasure.

Drop into the bedroom and check the pill bottles on the desk, the final note on the dresser, the photo behind you, and then pick up the key on the opposite dresser. You can now unlock the door and head for the other door to enter the study.

Here you’ll find more white boxes, one of which has Cassandra Moore’s notebooks that you can read for a cutscene.

Follow Sam out the window and along the rooftops of the mansion until you drop to the ground and then follow Sam. If you are grabbed, tap Triangle to break free and then continue to follow Sam to complete the chapter.

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